Video of captured soldier released

Discussion in 'US' started by kyleq101, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. Jeesh, I hope the animals don't waterboard him 83 times and imprison him offshore for years without charge or trial, the barstewards
  2. your profile says it all douche bag
  3. I'm sure I remember there being some talk from the Taleban that they wanted to use him as a bargaining chip, I believe prisoner exchange or somesuch. So maybe they'll do that and the lad'll get home safe and sound.

    Otherwise they might just do what Flagrantviolator said. Now that really would be inhumane, wouldn't it?

  4. Ignore him, he's a cowardly shitbag.
  5. Hope the lad gets home safe.
  6. yep, safe home.
  7. This was posted:
    To which there was a double response:
    Flagrantviolator, surely you must know by now that Septics just don’t do irony? Even though I can appreciate both sides, I fail to see how your reply makes you a “cowardly shitbag”. But then again, that’s Septics for ya, innit?

    And I'm still fairly confident that the lad won't come to harm. Otherwise they'd already have done it. I wish I could find that article about prisoner exchange or something like that.

  8. Yep, I know Bugsy. They don't do thinking very well either. As for cowardly, thats kinda funny. I served my bit, did more than some and less than others on here, andf left I've also worked terribly dangerous jobs my whole adult life, put myself in harm's way countless times to help people when I saw them attacked, injured in roadwrecks, and tried to help rescue my neighbours when their home burnt (luckily the Fire Dept got there about 3 secs. after me, and did a great job, so I didnt have to. DOn't know where he got coward from. I think I'm a lot braver than John Q Average, anyways.Wonderinng if goldbricker has ever served...? BTW, bricker, blindly screaming "yewessay!! Yewessay! does not count as service
  9. Unfortunately for the lad in question they are probably going to use him to generate as much publicity as they can and then they will murder him.

    His only real hope is that somehow SF can track him down and rescue him, that is his best and only hope, as slim as it is.

    Anyone who thinks his captors are anything other than religious motvated psychopaths are kidding themselves.

    These people are not known for their adherence to the LOAC, they use their own children as suicide bombers for gods sake, what do you think they will do to a Kufr?

    I pray Delta find him and slot them.
  10. Are Delta Force anywhere in the vicinty of Los Angeles, then? Because unless they raid Paramount Studios, they are unlikely to find him. Anyone else smell the stink of Jessica Lynch's filthy clack all over this one? Not like the septics haven't done it before, ya know.... a convincing mock-up of a beheading could be just what the American public needs to get them frothing again, now that morale/ suspension of disbelief is plummeting from Cape Hatteras to Seattle. Wouldnt put it past them.

    BTW, Goldbricker, why aren't you using your Chimurenga handle anymore, you utter throbber?
  11. Yes

    27 years worth
    Infantry NCO


    If I had said the same about a Squaddie, you and Bugsy would be piling on the outrage, but as usual the Hate Americans crowd here does their usual horsehit

    Fcuk off Cnut back to your rock you came out from under
  12. Fair enough, then. But why would you call an ex Armd. NCO a " coward" for merely disagreeing with you? The problem with the US and everybody disbelieving everything they say is that they lie SO OFTEN. Pte. Lynch, Iraqis tossing around babies in Kuwait, etc. Need I go on?
  13. Your'e not a coard for disagreeing with him, you are a coward because you would not dare say your sh*t to his face.

    Now do us all a favour and take your head for a sh*t.