Video of B-52 Crash


Well the video was interesting ,and Trip wire I find your posts on the whole interesting as well. You stick up for your side of arguments and you do bring knowledge and experience to arrse. Please dont stop your posts.
About ten posts delted, Trip wire and Crabtastic, please use another forum or the PM system to rough each other feathers up and cyber tamper with each others bottoms.

This is the aviation forum and not the WWF appreciation society.. Trip, before posting vides, suggest a qucik scan through the forum to see if its been posted before.
paveway_3 said:
This guy seemed to be on a one man ego trip.
Not like a pilot :D
Thanks Old Red Cap, rather scary reading -

"There was already some talk of maybe trying some other ridiculous maneuvers. - - his lifetime goal was to roll the B-52."
Now that would be telling. Not on a public forum though old bean. ;)

Re the B52 and Holland accident. It really highlights shite leadership and very poor CRM.

I'm guessing the moments just before they plowed in would have looked something like this (mpg 845kb).