Video of American Hostage

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Spursluv, Apr 13, 2005.

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  1. I'll give him 3 days before they chop his head off.

  2. Unfortunately, same here, and he knows it too :(
  3. It's so awful. :( I hope we all get our boys and girls back. Soldiers, journalists or otherwise.
  4. Well the Brits are hopefully pulling out of Iraq before 2 years like the Americans, fingers crossed ay :cry:
  5. he's paid 2grand a week to do that job...

    take the gain - take the pain

    nuff said
  6. Quite right, he knew the risks, u wouldnt catch me working out there as a civillian, still not nice though, I can't even begin to imagine the terror that is going through that blokes head, he's knows he's a gonna
  7. All i can say is i hope ther will be no more hostage killings, or other killings in Iraq, but sadly i feel that may be over optimistic.

    And as for yur comment MTS, thats just niavity talking there, it doesnt matter if he is earning 2 grand a week , or 200 quid a week, no one deserves to be beheaded, over some ones ideals
  8. How the bloody hell did they kidnap him from a construction site is what I want to know, surely there would have been a lot of people about?? oh well I suppose that doesn't really matter now, all I can say now is that I hope they don't keep the poor man going for ages like Ken Bigley, sounds awful but put the poor guy out of his misery now.
  9. I hope so. There are too many American soldiers to pull out in 2 years, but I hope the Brits and the EU troops and the rest get out of there, at the very least.

    There are risks of course, but no one deserves that.
  10. No thats right, the thing is, the Brits have done their bit now, we've done what we was sent out there to do, so time to come home now I think.
  11. Without wishing to open yet another debate on 'The War' and for the record I was against it - but still deployed on TELIC 1. We must stay in Iraq until the elected Iraqi Government does not want us anymore - regardless of how dangerous it is. To leave early would be a gross dis-service to the Iraqi people. It is not case of 'we have done our bit now we are leaving'. Whether you like it or not the UK created the current situation (with the US) by going to war in the first place, therefore we must stay until we win the peace or are no longer wanted/needed. UK Plc has to, collectively, be responsible for its actions.
  12. Yes one can see how a dangerous man such as he needs to be kidnapped, paraded on international media channels and the internet, no doubt tortured, before being beheaded. How dare he want to help rebuild a country that has been pretty much destroyed by not only Saddam but by the 'Coalition of the Willing' and now its very own fanatical fundamentalists that blow up muslim Iraqi citizens whom try to join the Iraqi police or army.

    One can also see how him being paid a wage to go into the country and do a job, that might benefit the citizens of Iraq, entitles a bunch of lunatics to kidnap and kill him and threaten others lives and countries to get out of Iraq and leave it to their group. (That is no doubt the best idea since well...since knife met bread really :roll: ). How dare that man be terrified out of his mind whilst these obviously humanitarian freedom fighters utilise his presence to reinforce their point to the rest of the world.

    One can also see how well mts would do comforting the family of this man. Go to it young man your gentle, sympathetic approach will earn you a place in their hearts. In fact I think once you have done that you should apply for a position as a goodwill ambassador to the UN.
  13. I'm not saying to just get up and leave at any old time, otherwise the people that have lost their lives out there would have done so in vain, what I am trying to say is surely it's got to be close to having 'done our bit' by now?? I'm in no position to comment too in debth because I do know know all the facts etc
  14. Well said matey, thats all I can say :!: :!: