Video: IED vs M1.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by California_Tanker, Nov 21, 2006.

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    M1 gets thrown about five meters into the air. One heck of a blast.

    I'll wager a few cracked ribs, maybe a broken nose after that one. And a pissed off crew. Probably was able to make it home under its own steam.

  2. Holy fuck!

    That is one mahooosive IED!
  3. That is a bitch of an IED. Hope that the crew were not too badly injured.

  4. ouch.
    hope the crew is ok.
  5. Hope they had the BV lid closed!
  6. Holy crap!
  7. fcuk me! Hope the crew was alright, looked like they took more from being launched into the air than from the blast
  8. Holy Sh1t
    anyone have any idea how much gear you need to do that to a M1 or similar???
  9. A fucking lot!

    It really is creepy how those insurgent boys keep chanting "allah akhbar"
  10. Look on the bright side... Imagine it from the perspective of the bombers:

    "So, Abdul. We have spent the entire night transferring a half ton of explosives into this culvert. That should rip even the toughest of the American tanks into little tiny infidel pieces... oh, here it comes... ready, ready.. god is great yadda yadda.. boom! Why is the tank not in little itty bitty infidel pieces and why is it still rolling forward?"

  11. At this point in time the only thing rolling forward is the insurgent propaganda machine. This clip shows every Abdulla out there that the impossible can be done, that is, the best ground combat vehicle can be stopped on it's tracks by a raggamuffin bunch of towel wearers sitting behind a bush screaming incoherently.
  12. Our old AT mines had 7kg explosive in them, and they made a Hell of a bang, but I doubt they'd get an M1 so high in the air.

    The amount required depends on what kind of explosive it was, but quite a lot anyway.
  13. i belive most of the large IEDs are made with arty shells, how many 155mm in that bang?
  14. By definition, if it was stopped in its tracks, it wouldn't have been rolling forward when the tape ended. Of course, the tape ends before the crew are given a chance to recover.

  15. It looks like the M1 is lifted on a raft of road.....ouch