Video i have found [bullshizz or not]

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Desborough, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. areet lads,

    come across a set of 3 part videos. about the army training process.

    Here's the first one and then pt.2 and pt3 follow on afterwards.

    Can you tell me if this is worth watching and taking on board or whether its a lie through front teeth.


  2. My recruiter showed this to 5-8 of us when I first visited the office.

    Why would it be inaccurate?
  3. I can't see Gen Dannert doing it ,If It's crap
  4. It's a little like that but with much less gayness and many more punishment beatings.
  5. Did you see that girl do the ice breaker saying her biggest weak point was that she didnt like being told what to do....

    Whoops lol
  6. wasn't suggesting it was inaccurate,

    Just whether it was accurate to the point of beastings mental strains etc.

    Sorry for not making that clear :)

  7. Wooly-pullies and lightweights?

  8. Erm, Please state what the hell you mean

    Ha-Ha :p

  9. He's on about those crows in the jumpers. You don't get beasted if it's not on the DVD ;)
  10. they give you that dvd after you pass selection, or sometimes before just depends i suppose.

    i went to a look at life course and i asked every question possible to the soldiers that where there and i have to say they where quite honest about the crap shit that we might have to endure.

    Just ask me anything and ill tell you what they told me. some info might put ppl of.
  11. Thanks alot mate,

    If i think of anything i'll give you a PM.

  12. You do know the army has alot of 'chavs' right?
  13. More the point of going....I can have a right laugh. Plus, most of the A$$hole chavs get weeded out by the 6th week. and then ure left with the chavs that are bareable
  14. there is no chavs in the army,

    They WERE chavs, but there not now :),

  15. Exactly, Pointing out my last post....there weeded out....remaining trained :)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.