Video i have found [bullshizz or not]

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areet lads,

come across a set of 3 part videos. about the army training process.

Here's the first one and then pt.2 and pt3 follow on afterwards.

Can you tell me if this is worth watching and taking on board or whether its a lie through front teeth.


I can't see Gen Dannert doing it ,If It's crap
Did you see that girl do the ice breaker saying her biggest weak point was that she didnt like being told what to do....

Whoops lol
wasn't suggesting it was inaccurate,

Just whether it was accurate to the point of beastings mental strains etc.

Sorry for not making that clear :)

Wooly-pullies and lightweights?

they give you that dvd after you pass selection, or sometimes before just depends i suppose.

i went to a look at life course and i asked every question possible to the soldiers that where there and i have to say they where quite honest about the crap shit that we might have to endure.

Just ask me anything and ill tell you what they told me. some info might put ppl of.
More the point of going....I can have a right laugh. Plus, most of the A$$hole chavs get weeded out by the 6th week. and then ure left with the chavs that are bareable
No, they're not weeded out to be honest, alot of people dramatise. Don't judge a book by its cover, don't get me wrong proper sh*t heads have no place in the ranks, however because someone dresses and speaks like they do and might not come from a fortunate background it doesn't necessarily make them a worse person. Improvise, adapt and overcome.

Im talking from within the army by the way, not regarding those tossers on the street
Thats my plan, I plan to make friends with as many people as i can. and me myself no i will encounter Charvs and will most likely become good friends with a few, but i can only say my hatred to charvs is one of a childhood problem. being in a county of a$$holes to say the least. so my view will change. but until ther's a day goes by im not impaled by abue i will realise....and i cant exactly turn round and deck the b@stard because there always in groups.
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