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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Brute, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. New video games classification rules come into effect in UK | Latest Industry News | News | Features, Press and Policy | BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT

    The corker in this is the comment about 18 ratings for games with sexually explicit content.

    Love it. So you can move out, have sex, get married, have kids, get a full time job and even join the Army at 16, but you can't play a violent video game until you are 18.

    On a separate note, why is there no rating for books like the fifty shades of grey? It's worse than a Razzle story.
  2. This is the usual bullshit.

    Not a lot wrong with the current classifactions, rather the enforcement side has been/is lacking.
  3. The problem with games (say like GTA) that have had a history of being blamed for causeing changes in a persons mental states has never been the age rating- it's the people that ignore them. My kid brother (who has only just turned 16) has been playing GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas and 4, for years and everyone was bough by his mum, who just see's games as the domain of children and doesn't pay 2nd thoughts to the rating on the box. Yet hypocritically won't let him watch an 18 film due to viloence, sex and language??
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  4. Leicester University did a study a few years back where they took a bunch of kids and got half to play COD and the other half FIFA.

    Turns out that the kids playing football games would get more worked up, argue and come to blows because football is something they associate with real life and thus they take it seriously. The COD players just had a laugh, got fat and joined the TA.
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  5. Oz is introducing an R18+ rating for video games here. Previously a fair few games were banned here.
  6. Standard defence of shit parents when their kid goes bad/mental is to blame it on everything under the Sun apart from said shit parenting. First it was rock and roll, then hippies and LSD, then video nasties, then raves and E and now its computer games and internet porn that are corrupting and warping the little darlings. A bit of actual parenting, saying no and actually taking an interest in your kid's life might well work wonders.
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  7. ^. What he said.
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  8. I've being playing GTA since Vice City was released when I was seven or eight and I am able to say I am not a murderer
  9. Are you 15?
  10. I was playing GTA 1 when it came out back in 1997/1998 and it's fair to say neither am I, I was 11/12 when that game came out, if I'm honest I'm looking forward to the release of GTA 5 later this year (for those who ask I am 26) and neither can my kid brother who is 12. Personally I wouldn't let him play it, but it's not my decision and I know his mum will get it for him for xmas.

    I know for a fact that Game check ID's on those buying age restricted games (I've been ID'd in uniform before now when on my scran break), but if a parent goes in and is the one to hand over the cash, then there is nothing the shop can do too prevent the said game from getting into hands of those under-age.
  11. wait until you hit puberty and the hormones kick in. I hope your parents lock the knives away
  12. 17
  13. Realistically with modern comms this is like the nine'o'clock watershed, it'll just be recorded for tomorrow, or in the case of games, will be bought by someone overage and handed on. As has been said.

    The government cannot keep up with technical advances, it is purely reactive, and by the time it has reacted a new development is in place; ecstasy, to the current range of drugs. Games are the same, how will they deal with on-line games?
  14. I am 17 and I can just walk into most off licenses or newsagents and buy tobacco, alcohol with no questions asked but if I walk into one of the high street game shops they always ask for I.D
  15. But tell me Sam, do you like Gladiator movies and Turkish baths?
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