Video footage/training tools

A plea to all you lean, mean and green - I could really do with some bmp/vid showing weapons effects to help instruct basic estimate, doctrine and tactics.

Anything that shows GPMG, Grenade, USGL, MILAN, Javelin, Mor, Arty, etc would be appreciated.

Also, any like the 'Brits IED in Iraq' or 'Septics in gash drills epic' would be great.

I've loads of stills but the vids keep people awake... Please PM me or give a link. All ideas welcome.


#7 has loads. Most are rock songs with videos - try the 'Thunder' one with choppers hitting everything in sight! Great for waking up the class. One or two Brits shown on some as well.
That Y coy PWRR is a cracker. I know a Taff bloke on that vid who aint PWRR. He's a spot on bloke knows his sh1t inside out. Reckons that the PWRR clocked up more contacts than any other mob since the Korean War... Un-Fcukin-Lucky!!!
Many thanks for all so far. Anything to get away from my dullcet tones...

If anyone up at Brecon has any of wpns effects, they would also be great.

Cheers again,

Now that was some good shiznet innit lar... Respec

But on a human Note do we have access to that Really sh1t mine strike video anybody. The one where the Plastic scouser (possibly a cheshire) is in the cookhouse gobbing off alot???
Many thanks for all of the above - have gone down a treat.

Am still after any BG Weapons effects vids, or any inf action going if you have any.



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