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Hello, I do not even know where to begin, I took some videos on my stills camera, they are in .avi format, I want to cut 2 minutes off the start of one video.

Cheers mate, I viewed my post and saw the similar posts thingy below, I read through that and opened windows movie maker, I imported the video and it was chopped into 22 parts, I have discarded the first 13, job done

cheers for the reply.
No problem mate. :) Btw If you want to take things futher on the multi-media front try Magix Music Maker 2011 - TopTenREVIEWS It's the bollox of the dog.The Video and Graphic Creation tools in this Suite are also a lot of fun. You can pick up an older version on Amazon for about twenty quid. Most people won't know the difference between the multimedia output of this and a professional studio. It's that powerful and its mong proof!
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