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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Peter_Skellen, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. I have a mega video from BATUS of a live coy attack, only problem is that its has like 10mins of us sat in the FUP and needs editing down. - Here comes the problem:

    Firstly its a QuickTime Movie done off my digital camera, the video editing softweare on my computer will not allow these types of files to be opened.

    So I thought I would convert the file to WMA, but can't convert it as the file is too big - 593MB!

    So any advice from the experts on websites I can use to either edit the footage or to convert the lrage file to WMA


  2. Kangun video converter and take out the boring bits with DVD shrink
  3. Go to and download the Demo version of Video deluxe. Its valid for 30 days. You`re asked to register and you will receive a serial number. You can load the QT movie - cut bits out and re -render it in a variety of formats or burn it directly onto CD/DVD. You`ll need to mess around with the Prog to get the hang of it.

    Another solution is to download a program call SUPER- this is a Universal conversion program that accepts many input formats and renders them into the format of your choice

  4. Would i right in thinking you mean: Xtreme PhotoStory on CD & DVD 7 deluxe


    Movie Edit Pro 14?

  5. errrr......aha - I`m in Germny so I automatically get redirected to the German version...and the Sods have changed the site design again!

    It`ll be the CD & DVD 7 that you`ll need -

  6. Squared! Thank you very much, got the vid done now. The result a very ally vid :D

    Cheers for all your help
  7. Just one more thing - I've got a video from you tube, downloaded it, edited it, but having trouble saving it. I'm using windows movie maker, what other programes can i use to edit the footage?

  8. I'll give i a go and report back. The problem lies with actually editing the vid, I can edit some parts of the vid but just not the bit I want, not too sure what the problem is!

    Thanks for all the help, been a great hellp, don't know what I'd do with out you!

  9. DVD shrink can do scene by scene. If you want a copy pm me it's only 512Kb
  10. Get the free version of real player. Lets you download on screen.
  11. I never used movie maker - tried it once could not get on with it. Try DVD shrink saves as a VOB file. Can use a file converter if you want a different format. Also Nero recode, but not so precise for editing scenes
  12. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    YouTube videos are as the poster above says, in flash video format or FLV

    Have a look at these for pc based conversion applications all free

    There are a number of online video editing and conversion services out there as well

    Some of these open with a video clip so turn the sound down on your browser if you dont want to listen

    Loads to choose from, see which one works best for you

    This is one I did for the Sgt Slingsby site