Video edit software

Some suggestions for video edit software please.
All I need to do is cut a few bits out and then join the clips into one video; nothing too technical and preferably freeware
Get a one-month trial copy of Adobe Premiere/ Premiere Elements off their website.

If you want to do a slick job, then go to (online training), search for 'trial membership', have their 14 days free and get instructed on how to use it.
Many thanks for that everyone. It gives a me a good idea what to try next
Windows movie maker - That's I use, very simple, up load, then you can split it in to sections and drag the sections you want back together again. Speed up, slow down, usually crap.
Then if need be - get youtube downloader, that can convert it to any format! It's needs to be in a WMV format for the movie maker to work, but the youtube downloader can convert 3gp, mp4 and Flv files to WMV anyway.
Windows Movie Maker - Download

YouTube Downloader - Software to download and convert YouTube video

They're the ones I use, also as Mrs EDM is a mong at taking videos on her mobile phone, you can rotate the videos 90/180/270 degrees, which I have to do a lot of!

Good luck whatever you use.

Edited to add: They're both free - not trial versions as well.
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