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Video clips in power point presentations

Can anyone enlighten me to how one gets DVD clips into powerpoint presentations?

Please bear in mind that I am a bit of an IT mong - I would like to be able to make some presentations slightly more interesting.

many thanks
Devilish .. why bother to do that?

All you need to do is save the clip to a folder/file on the PC you are going to use or cd you burn onto.

In PowerPoint go to Insert click on Movies and sounds (Well bugger me ) and the window will pop up asking if you want it to play automatically or when clicked.
Fcuk my old boots! To think it was that simple, well i shall try that in a mo. As i read it, it was almost impossible to convert from dvd to powerpoint without "PFCmedia".
Devilish I stand corrected.

Tried from a downloaded DVD and it worked.

Tried the same with a real one wont work as not supported.

So as develish said "go to ....... and download....

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