Video clips in power point presentations

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by musicalmarvin, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone enlighten me to how one gets DVD clips into powerpoint presentations?

    Please bear in mind that I am a bit of an IT mong - I would like to be able to make some presentations slightly more interesting.

    many thanks
  2. You need to download a program called "PCFmedia" google that and download, after that it's a piece of p!ss.
  3. Devilish .. why bother to do that?

    All you need to do is save the clip to a folder/file on the PC you are going to use or cd you burn onto.

    In PowerPoint go to Insert click on Movies and sounds (Well bugger me ) and the window will pop up asking if you want it to play automatically or when clicked.
  4. Fcuk my old boots! To think it was that simple, well i shall try that in a mo. As i read it, it was almost impossible to convert from dvd to powerpoint without "PFCmedia".
  5. So how do I Save a clip in windows media player? All I can manage to do is capture an image and not an actual clip.
  6. Devilish I stand corrected.

    Tried from a downloaded DVD and it worked.

    Tried the same with a real one wont work as not supported.

    So as develish said "go to ....... and download....