Video Clip of SA80 Workings

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by smileriraq, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. HI Guys

    Im training recruits and one of them is just not getting what happens when you operate the trigger now whilst not essential to passing the WHT im trying to help him and hes really keen (without being nasty hes not the brightest)

    ANyway Im trying to find a video clip/animated diagram of what happens when the trigger is operated in the hope that it may help him absorb the information (picture paints 1000 words)

    if anyone can help would appreciate it.
  2. cheers guys much appreciated
  3. Might he also be 'trying too hard'? Having been in your position myself, it can be as big an obstacle as disinterest. Not sure how you'd go about correcting it though.
  4. Yep know exactly what your saying , and if Im honest he is but despite my efforts to get him to chill out and concentrate on his drills. He does it again this week Ill use the Big boy voice and try and shock him a little. Sometimes I can be too nice and maybe the contrast will get him to chill. Dont worry I wont beast him or anything
  5. any chance of the video in media player format?
  6. Download this free program (if you can) and it will let you do it yourself. Sorry, can't do it from mine.
  7. Nice one like the cartridge firing one will try and download that one
  8. Try THIS
  9. btw thought you guys may want to know that the recruit now "gets it" and is much happier cheers all
  10. Result! Good stuff.
  11. Dont forget to rename the clip mp4 etc.
  12. There is a very good BDFL DVD film about how modern small arms work. Sorry someone nicked my copy and I can't find the catalogue so I can't get you a reference no.

    Its pretty good because it breaks it down into four stages

    Detonation and how the bolt remains locked until the pressure is safe
  13. Why not get a copy of the SA80A2 DVD from BDFL (old name was SSVC) shows everthing in great detail up to and including operation of the 3 part sear mechanism.

    Should be held at Training Wings, if not shame on them!!!
    After all its FREE