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Video Battling Insurgents in Baghdad

what the hell is that sight on the sniper rifle....its huge!

and why is there a yabk using an ak....

Did i see a .50 in that?

Who was the tw*t with the AK who thought he was from Full Metal Jacket or something.
surprising amount of fire discipline from the Iraqi with AK. I thought they followed a more 'spray and pray' approach to firefights.
But the first guy was snatching the trigger and those two at the end made up for it ;)

.50 cal off a rickety wooden table !!!! good support for the weapon system!!! never been taught or if they have, obviously never apply the marksmanship principles.........fcukin septics............I despair!!!

All the gear no idea springs to mind. Im jealous though that some of them have trijicon red dot type sights, they would be far better suited to iraq and close quarter shooting than our susat is.

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