Video alert: Gendarmarie Einsatz Kommando COBRA (Austria)

Nice vid links sent to me by a mate, I only just got around to watching them with moving house and all.

They show the Austrian Federal Police SWAT lads training with the Polish for the Euro footie thing in Warsaw and a few other scenarios. Live fire is used in the stadium during training.

The parachute training in the alps show them together with GSG-9 who are out on a jolly.......sorry, that should read cross training exercise. The Austrians, along with the 17 Kompanie (Swiss), are acknowledged as the best most experienced mountain parachutists.

Along with the Swiss and Israelis the Austrians introduced the concept and use of air marshalls before most other countries. After the twin towers incident the Austrians provided training and guidance in the establishment of air marshal services to many other coutries.

Its all in boxhead, Austrian boxhead at that which is sort of like boxhead geordie. But theres lots of guns.


Part 1.

Einsatzkommando Cobra - ATV Reportage Teil 1 - YouTube

Part 2. (bit boring, its a rebuild of a hostage situation they dealt with)

Einsatzkommando Cobra - ATV Reportage Teil 2 - YouTube

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