Video - 91 year old WWII veteran beaten for his car.


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I really cannot find words to describe how I feel about this.

A thug savagely beat a 91 year-old veteran because he "need some wheels fo' ma ho' "
The full report with the sy cam footage can be seen here.

Not only did this lowlife repeatedly punch the elderly man while pinning him with the car door, but he continued to do so after he'd got the fecking keys ! But it gets worse - the goblin's mates and girlfriend stand idly by chatting while he lays into the OAP !
One count of attempted murder & five of accessory ?

Jussus !
I really hope this 'hero' meets a couple of vets inside for some real rispek' !
what kind of sick bastard would do something like that. i hope he gets fecking 1st class service from big bubba in the klink
The despicable actions by the scumbag commiting the assault are made worse by the fact that quite a few witnesses were present and not one of them attempted to intervene.

SOB needs a bullet...
Of course, if it had happened here, the Fatherless would have got away with a fine and a suspended sentence.

Over there, it's a max of ten years for the serious assault and .... LIFE for carjacking.

It's all caught on camera and there are witnesses. So he's goin' down, big stylee. He'll be shouting 'I'm shakin' it, boss for several decades.

Hope the poor old bloke is not too traumatised by the attack.

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Scumbag piece of cowardly lowlife shite!

Hope he gets caught pdq and handed over to the biggest, meanest, hardest maniac in the nick with a particular desire for butt-fcuking scumbags until they bleed on an hourly basis.

I could happily drill these fcukers with absolutely no feelings of guilt or remorse whatsoever.

How that bunch who stood by and watched and did nothing can live with themselves is beyond me.
fastmedic said:
How big is his arrse going to be on the wing?? He deserves it and more :x

KY anyone :twisted:

This cnut does'nt deserve the luxury of a lubricant!
Ah! Remember! 'Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime'. What a pointless statement by a fatuous, dishonest politician

They perpetrators will not be caught. Why ? Because it is clearly easier for Police to arrest and charge cream-bun throwers. Oh! Yes! The 'Arrest Figures' are up if you catch bun throwers or even cucumber slice flickers.

This government is so disastrous as to be beyond my limited powers of written description.

Sadly, I fear a combination of uneducated, unwashed, illiterate and incompetent 'voters'; Scottish MPs and the 'postal-voters' will see the same bunch of wasters (Hain - Hewitt - Prescott!!) re-elected in two years time.

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