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vid of the khan fight.

Khan always had a weak chin.It was exposed by a Colombian street fighter with a very good record.Khan is good going forward,but forgot that you have to have an iron defence,before you attack!
It's about time he fought somebody half decent. Nothing but no-marks so far and now this. And he has the cheek to think that he can fight Hatton? Dream on pal.
What on earth was he doing so open, if he was dazed from earlier he should be trying to hold, going to the opposite corner and keeping his gloves up at the very least, he was trying to trade punches with his gloves down when he took the knockout punch :eek:
It's all kicking off today. Hamilton on pole. England actually won a match. Murray handing it to the world #1 and finally the Khan K.O we've being waiting for. Im lovin'it. :twisted:
Lots of nasty comments being posted on YouTube.

Almost as if someone that was quite drunk was deliberatly posting very insulting, racist and derogatory comments in order to enrage the other posters :)

Bad man

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