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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Kromeriz, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. The Victory Services Club is... erm a Club.

    My, 22 years served father went there, mother still does, I am entitled as well having STAB served.

    However, recently, several arrse members and myself tried to organise an event at the club for Hols 4 Heroes. When asked the amount involved for rental of a function room it was astronomical. They told us they were a charity... this was for charity... and as people pointed out, on what they charge for wifebeater juice, they would have made their money as well as some good publicity.

    I understand that the club needs to make money - all the Dining staff need paying
    I understand that the club offers accommodation for people who have served in conflict zones = spot on, well done!

    However, following our useless attempt to organise an event, the next week came an invitation that the booking of event rooms is free if certain conditions are met in October. Sugar, we were set for November...

    Have you stayed at the club? It does what it says on the box, but suddenly seems to be trying to become something more than what it is.

    I MIGHT cope with that, if only I could have an ordinary English conversation in English with the staff... generally, they are not UK nationals with at one time, a Russian running the cleaning service... now try to resolve a problem, although thankfully the FSB were not involved.

    Meanwhile, the top honcho has decreed that people on courses at the club should not be allowed to eat lunch in the club dining room.. FFS, the club dining room is empty at lunch time except for the top honcho and his opo, when I have been there!

    However the price for lunch eaten in the training room, consisting of finger dips, far exceeds the cost of lunch: which is actually one of the best priced lunches in central London. Who makes up the rules in this place! What do all the dining staff do?

    When can we vote!

    Going into rant mode.
    The Club is great.
    It deserves our support - it does excellent things for people who have put their lives on the line for at least me,

    Heavens, there are other ways to support it and now quoting GOLD standards for this corporate entertainment and that corporate entertainment and rooms from 50 percent more than what you could book online is... daft.

    Then there is the price of wife beater juice in the Bar... bar has often been almost empty when I have stayed over the last few months and of course, only serves pish lagers.

    People. How would you improve the VSC in CENTRAL LONDON

    How would you make it more a members club?

    Look forward...

  2. Have you tried the Union jack club?
  3. It's not a club. Neither is the UJC. They're hotels.....businesses. In the heart of London, that need to make cash. End of.
  4. Then become hotels and let ordinary people have lunch in the Dining room at lunch time!

    Victory Services Club is a Club... yes, it does have to make money, but sometimes it seems to forget that charging X squids for St Ella et al is not going to bring custom in... meanwhile, the staff sleep in the quietest part of the building and the rest of us have to use ear protection on the Edgeware Road fronting parts...
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  5. Don't stay there then
  6. There's a Wetherspoons opposite, drink your beer there or there's the whole of London just a tube ride away and if the noise bothers you spend more at the pub.
  7. Vote with your feet, and use the Travelodge over the river.
  8. Er... are you missing the point? It is a club, let.s make it pay... but the Chairman ex... shed load of braid wishes to dine alone at Lunch time... so exclusive restrictions apply to what is an excellent meal! Fantastic venue as well but when someone tells you GBP600 per day for rental... how much for an empty room? 30 quid a day for a flip chart you can buy for 30 and then bin... something is going wrong in the grand scheme of things of a club for former members of the armed forces, serving members of the armed forces and nearest and dearest...
  9. Let's make it pay in one sentence then wanting something for free in another?
  10. Hi CQMS, I think we both know of said Wetherspoons! Terrible meals and actually more expensive than the Club... lunch in the Club is excellent value for money... then again, have breakfast and who needs lunch... great place.

    However, let.s find a way for them to extract value and therefore cash in less in your face ways...
  11. I like the Victory just up the Edgeware Rd on Brendon St, Thai food as well. I'd agree with you on the quality of the restaurant though, Sunday lunch is particularly good.
  12. Not at all
    Sleep adjacent to the Edgeware Road... or not as the case will be
    Flip charts at 30 a go for the day when you can buy one for 30 for the week...
    It is a conundrum, I am coming from a different country who earn different amounts of money, who have different values.... they should pay for London but as my guests it is 44 as people attending a course it is 78... would you pay that extra?

    Should BP want to host a convention and be prepared to pay... great, modernise all the rooms afterwards and give away X capacity to the lads.

    Should members be trying to bring people in down months to the club, be reasonable...

    Too much to ask?
  13. I stayed there once, got back at midnight and the keycard for my room had stopped working, took the cunts 2 hrs to get my door opened. Most impressed.

    In all honesty the place reeked of the RAF, I shan't be returning.

  14. Certainly :) greedy profiteers hijacking a service club perhaps?
  15. Can not say...
    Mother and Father loved it.
    It is central
    They give rooms away for serving personnel - that is not profiteering
    The rooms even for Ex STABS are great value

    ...The room service by Russians is great room service

    However, when you want to link it into a venue, then it goes through the roof...

    Not to forget I book a room months in advance and a septic has the same for 20 quid less... what happened there?

    It is a member.s club... I hope that there can be an accommodation between parties!