Victory Services Club Bar Prices

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Speedy, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. I'm staying at the VSC at the end of Jan for a week and (being a tight northerner) am just wondering what kind of prices I can expect in the bar? Just so I can plan my evenings out you understand (start in bar, or go out straight away).
    Am I looking at standard London hotel prices i.e. extortionate or cheaper 'members' club prices?
    Any answers would be gratefully received.
  2. Excellent accomodation but the bar is certainly not cheap. There is, however, a pretty good Wetherspoons (Tithe Barn?) about 30 seconds walk away from the VSC in the direction of Marble Arch.
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  3. have you thought of going cheaper?
    an old doss bag, some newspaper & a can of cider dossing in a door way?
    hey presto you save money & could always do some begging to earn a few £££.
  4. I think you'll find it's far cheaper by the 3ltr bottle, just trying to be of assistance
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  5. Ah, but there is a flaw in your argument. No sink to piss in!
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  6. That is a bollocks answer. The VSC is expensive. They cling to the fact that they offer cheap accommodation to serving forces members but forget the non serving members that saw them through the 50s, 60s, 70, 80s, 90s, 2000s, The Club needs reforming with a less shall we say Commercial arm. One of the directors has never served; the Pres. was Ex Navy with pretensions up his arrse. Sadly going downhill. AVOID IT.

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  7. Why anyone would consider staying in the bar with the whole of London outside the door beggars belief, you will find a pub/club catering to every perversion somewhere out there.
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  8. A tad unfair - have you had a bad experience there? For the OP - I arranged a function there nearly 2 years ago, to mark my retirement. The venue, food, accommodation and staff were spot on and very helpful. From what I recall, the main bar prices were fairly reasonable, but certainly not subsidised - you are talking about a London Hotel after all. Another bonus was the top quality looks of some of the female staff; mainly East European (surprise, surprise), but very acceptable. Enjoy and send me a pm if it is crap and you want retribution! :)
  9. £3.50 for a slice of pork pie......2' x 1' ok, but no doubt its cut with a laser and see through.......bollocks!
  10. No need with a PM.
    The staff are from Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania. The cleaning staff are from Russia - manager too, Portugal and poss Spain. Opsec goes out the window when you think of the opportunities. They clean your rooms.

    As too pricing, they are not The Hotel of London, they are a Club. So give Club prices. Today, they are increasingly unaffordable.
  11. The PM offer (in jest) was to the OP!
    Ah yes, the Spanish Corporate Events Manager - it's all coming back to me.
  12. What's the accommodation like there now. Last time I stopped it was a bit like a Mess, Army furniture and the like.
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone, I'm no stranger to London hotels, and as this is going to be our base for an exhibition my company is at in Excel it is very affordable.
    I'm not there on my own, I shall have my 4 guests and another friend is helping me out with a couple more rooms. Usually we pay about 5k for 3 rooms in a lesser standard of hotel in London during this period (it's a BIG show and fills up hotels like you wouldn't imagine). At the VSC this comes to just over 2k, which I'm very happy with.
    To those of you suggesting the VSC is expensive all I can say is you must be sleeping in some right flea pits or constantly using for your stays in the smoke. With this kind of event I can't leave anything to chance, especially the potential of leaving 6 people strewn all over London!
    As for wanting to know bar prices, it's purely for reasons of planning. I just wanted to know in advance whether we should go straight out on the pop or loiter in the bar for a few first. It's a handy tip about the Weathrspoons though. Cheers :)
  14. To be honest when I stay there for similar reasons I just charge the entire parties drinks to my room then put the receipt through on expenses.