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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bullshit, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. A while back I booked a double room for Mrs B and the 2 kiddies for a weekend in London, the price 144 quid a night. Expensive me thought but hey its London and a Servicemans Club would not rip-off.

    Well I just did some surfin' and found the same price but in a 4* hotel with complimentary dinner on the first night.

    Question, is the VSC that good or comparable to a 4*? Any recent visitors? Please, I'm about to cancel!

  2. Two year old info - but no.

    Poor room, poor service and poor food. Oh, and no apologies when they'd obviously made mistakes.
  3. I've used it for many years, and almost always only for myself while passing through - not with the family. I've got used to the appalling rooms and grisly ablutions, and even though a token effort has been made in recent years to rectify some of the most offensive aspects of the old (?) wing, it remains unashamedly primitive. Still, can't argue with the price (if you're paying yourself; if it's on the firm, head for Town).

    I did exactly as you did, BS, a couple of years ago, and shortly after spending a long weekend there with the family discovered my mistake. Since then, I've shopped around and have profited considerably from doing so. There are a lot of really fabulous hotels in central London which compete on similar or better prices, depending on your wishes (lots of complete dross, too, mind. You have to make close inquiry to make sure that you aren't getting the latter.)

    Edit: Curiously, nobody who works there - apart from v. v. senior staff - is ex-service, that I've noticed. I may be wrong, but they all seem to hail from far, far away. Must be cheaper, I suppose.
  4. Try Holiday Inn Kensington. £113 for a family suite per night. There are good deals, you just have to hunt the buggers down. Start on Expedia, and then move out to Travelodge, Premier Travel Inn, Holiday Inn, even the Hilton can do a room cheaper than that!
  5. Have you tryed the Union Jack club in Waterloo?.
  6. Stayed at the UJ Club last year, tariffs are posted at:
    The accommodation is pretty good and the tarriffs very reasonable. Parking is available if booked in advance at £12 per diem for full members and free for disabled. Serving members of the Forces are automatically full members, ex servicemen/women can become full members on a yearly basis, or Temporary Honorary Membership is available to Ex-Service men/women who do not wish to apply for full membership.
    Hope this helps.
  7. VSC - Gucci lounge, shyte everything else - plus bloody noisy being just off the Edgeware. UJ - tob bollocks! Been a member for years. No competition.
  8. and lastminute are often useful, even if you are booking a couple of weeks ahead. Five star rooms and suites heavily discounted. Friends of mine got a huge suite in a great hotel just off Oxford St for £100 for the night. Laterooms is also good for Europe, too.
  9. Stayed in the VSC for a week a few years back, unless they have made some sinificant changes since I advise you cancel your booking and go somewhere else! i.e. UJ Club
  10. VSC terrible, you share all the showers, rooms crap, UJ club a lot better.
  11. Have to agree. Breakfast was outfuckingstanding the rest was instantly forgettable. Place reminded me of a 70s airport lounge (the bar) and Stalag III (the rooms). I know I had a shower / bath there but I can't remember where.....
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    My bold, be very wary if using So far between 4 of us we have managed to buy a few laptops in France, had an £800 mystery deduction from a bank account and been double charged by Their security system is not as hot as it should be!
  13. It boils down like this:

    If your on your own during the week, then VSC at £31 a night, (UJC is about £45 a night)

    If your with family during the weekend then shop around for a hotel,

    Holiday Inn Express is usually less than £50 per night for a room at the weekend (£100 a night during the week!!!).
  14. marriot Hotels, use your MOD 90, goverment ID or payslip and get a very hefty discount
  15. As has been previously said, cancel it. I stayed there last year and it was pretty dire. I'd rather spend a bit more cash and:

    1) Not feel like I'm in an old people's home.
    2) Get a good nights sleep. The walls were so thin I could hear the couple next door 'getting it on'. (Boy they went on for ages, I'm sure viagra must have been involved in their night cap! Err, no I wasn't jealous, just tired!! Honest, am I protesting too much? Ok, I was jealous :oops: :lol: :lol: )

    Ice :twisted: