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Victory Miniatures 120mm scale 79th Foot Cameron Highlander Officer, Corunna 1809

I have written about Victory Miniatures in the past and am still impressed with both their models and their sales services. They are first rate! The model shows an Officer from the 79th Regiment of Foot (Cameron Highlanders) at the time of the battle of Corunna in 1809.

The 79th fought in the British Third Division, commanded by Lieutenant-General McKenzie Fraser, they were part of Brigadier General Sir Henry Fane's 2nd Brigade alongside the 38th and 82th Regiments of Foot. The Regiment fought well but were poorly led by their young Brigadier, Henry Fane; subsequently suffering 15% casualties and being evacuated back to England.

My model depicts a Lieutenant complete with Scottish basket-hilted Claymore and Flintlock pistol. He wears privately purchased, Wellington pattern Boots, Grey britches, Red woollen jacket with gold double line buttons,white sword belt and Cameron of Erracht tartan sash. On his head is the Ostrich feathered highland, peaked cap. with chequered band and white on red plume worn on the left side.





Paints used throughout were Vallejo's model colour acrylics with Lifecolour Acrylics used for skin tones and washes. After priming the pieces with Halford's grey primer, the jacket was undercoated in Matt orange, the britches and boots undercoated in Light Grey and the cap in Dark Grey. Gold trim on the uniform were undercoated in Yellow. Skin tones were understated in Life Colours 1st base.

Once dry, the jacket was given a coat of Dark Vermillion with Dark Prussian Blue collar and cuffs. The epaullettes were painted Brass first with Gold dry-brushed on top. Britches were given a coat of Sea Grey, Boots done in Life Colour Blue-Black and sword belt painted Off-White. The sash was painted Dark Green with Yellow and Vermillion stripes in the style of the Regimental tartan.The cap was painted Matt Black with White for the Headband and Gloss Black for the peak. The plume was initially painted white with Vermillion added once dry.

Once all areas were dry, I added Red to the folds on the jacket and highlighted the raised areas with Red-Orange. Trousers, Sash an boots were dry brushes with Deck Tan followed by a wash of Black. The sword was painted Natural Steel with the Basket Hilt painted in Silver. Once dry, it was given a wash of Black. The wooden furniture of the pistol was painted in Mahogany Brown and then finished with Wood Grain. The metalwork of the flintlock was painted in Gunmetal Grey and the drybrushed in black. The cap was finished by drybrushing Grey-Black over it, filling in the Red chequered band and then adding the black middle squares. The skin areas were all highlighted in Light Flesh with Sunny Skin Tone added to the creases. I used a Grey Shadow wash from Life Colour's Quick Flesh Shadowing set, to give a "blue chin" effect. The eyes were Deck Tan followed by Pink lower kids and Medium Green pupils..

The base was treated with various Browns and washes of Brown Black. I added some Dark Green scatter for low scrub with a sprinkle or two of Green grass mixture. I am reasonably pleased with the result and hope it meets with your approval.

Smeggers out.


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A great bit of work there Smeggs.


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Once again mate another improvement in your figure, a really nice bit of work there. Tartans are a nightmare to do as well.

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