Victory For All Disabled British War Veterans.

Can't help thinking there's a form of "bait & switch" at play here. I'd wager the proposals were misinterpreted wrt to veterans and would not have affected them exactly like how reported, and the PM has seized upon a chance to appear "on their side". The classic - make a few noises about a bad thing being about to happen then introduce something just not quite as bad as the people were expecting. Probably a better way of explaining that but i'm tired!
I'm sure the fact that it's pennies in the grand scheme and reflects well on him played a role. However, it's not beyond comprehension that he simply felt morally obligated.
I'm sure the fact that it's pennies in the grand scheme and reflects well on him played a role. However, it's not beyond comprehension that he simply felt morally obligated.
I'd tend to agree with supermatelot, I can't even comprehend the idea that any of the present bunch of politicians' (of all hues) feel any kind of obligation to anyone/thing that doesn't advantage themselves.

I doubt politicians understand the words "moral obligation"! :-x
A politician does something good, and instead of applaud it, you start speculating at his sinister motives. Get a ****ing grip and stop whinging. It's the result you wanted.
Apparently it will be enshrined into the Armed Forces Act Military Covenant.

Below is a full quote from Forces News .........

A key criteria for receiving the allowance is mobility, but it is feared advances in prosthetic limb technology mean many wounded servicemen and women helped to regain their independence could now be classed as ineligible.

Mr Cameron has ruled anyone left disabled by military service must be exempt from benefit cuts, as well as the new scheme to re-examine all claimants aged 16 to 64.

He is quoted as saying: “I made a promise to our forces that they will get special treatment, and I intend to stick to it.”

Disability Living Allowance is to be replaced by the Personal Independence Payment for all working age people with serious difficulties.

Forces News contacted the Department for Work and Pensions. In a statement it said:

"We owe the men and women who have served their country a huge debt of gratitude and will do everything we can to help them to find work and make sure they get all the benefits they are entitled to if they are injured.

"We are now looking at whether we can simplify and streamline the support system for the most severely injured veterans when they return to the UK."

The Royal British Legion told Forces News it was "greatly encouraged" by the The Sun report.

A spokesman said: "This was a test case for the Military Covenant's principles that we fought to have enshrined in the Armed Forces Act.

"Those who are injured in defence of the nation's interests deserve the nation's highest consideration in return.

"We welcome this decision by the Government, and applaud the Prime Minister's personal intervention supporting Iain Duncan Smith in standing up for our wounded heroes."

The Minsitry of Defence told Forces News: "We have been clear all along that those that have been injured serving their country will receive special treatment, as set out in the Armed Forces Covenant.

"The MOD has been working with DWP to ensure seriously injured troops do not undergo any further and unnecessary checks and receive the support they deserve."
Jarrod and Co., will be mightily relieved.

Gash frothing, gash frothing, - GASH STOPS FROTHING! Remove magazine, cock and extract, aim gash into unloading pit and squeeze trigger. Apply safety catch.


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