Victoria Crosses on the Western Front. 26 Aug to 2 Sep 1918.

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This book describes the actions leading to the awards of the Victoria Cross to 16 men on the Western Front during the later stages of the Great War of 1914 to 1918. All the awards were for gallantry during eight days at the Battles of The Scarpe and Drocourt Line in northern France, as the Allied forces fought to push the German army eastwards after four years of static trench warfare.
This recent publication has only two parts; the first 70 pages deal with the battles and the awardees, followed by 250 pages of biographies.

Although the first part is one long day-by-day narrative it does explain the battles and combatants in fine detail. It has some excellent large scale maps which show the places where an action resulted in the award of the Victoria Cross. This is generally followed by a good description of that action and names the man involved. The high quality of the maps, plus the abundance of good modern photographs, thus enable any visitor to more or less pinpoint the place where each VC was won. Helpfully the maps are accompanied by directions and suggested parking places appropriate to the 21st century.

The second part of the book covers the biographies of each of the sixteen men; this too is one long narrative. It also includes some very detailed information of the man's forebears, his own Army service and his subsequent family, almost up to the present day in some cases. Descriptions of where all these people lived, their occupations, plus relevant dates and plenty of photographs are included. A very good part for those interested in finding relatives and making family trees, in particular because some of the men described were from Commonwealth forces.

Personally, I would have preferred to see the text in paragraphs but, having said that, this is a good book based on meticulous research and a decent style of writing.
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