Victoria Crosses, Jeremy Clarkson & Red Hot Chilli Peppers..

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by bigjarofwasps, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Has anyone seen the documentary Clarkson did on the VC a while back?

    The music during it was a track by the Chilli Peppers, can anyone tell me what its called & which album its from?

  2. Yes and no :lol:
  3. Bear with me, it's in seven parts on youtube...

  4. Is it cool....
  5. If it's the one played as he shows lads jumping out of planes, then no, i don't know it.

    Doesn't sound like RHCP to me...

  6. Cheers matey, felt sure it was?
  7. You Tube

    The Victoria Cross: For Valour, Part 1 of 7

    Part 1
    02:38 in, footage starts with a WW1 cannon firing...

    Sure its the Chillis, can anyone help?

  8. Venice Queen! :?

    Album: By The Way

    Edit: Forgot the album title
  9. If there's music you don't recognise, dial 2580 from your mobile and hold it in front of the speakers. It costs about 10p and they text back with the song name and artist.
  10. I agree with Jaboh, it is definately the intro to Venice Queen.
  11. ......the programme itself wasn`t bad either!!!
  12. Although it's a cracking tune, the song itself is an odd choice for a programme about VC winners given that it's about a dead Californian Tranny! :?