Victoria Cross

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by McVitie, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. A quick question, is it illegal to sell the Victoria Cross medal, In anyway, shape or form?
  2. No, not strictly, it is your property.
  3. Come on, Johnson, surely that biography made you a few bob?
  4. And look at the 'Customers who bought this product also purchased...' section.

    Oh dear. Site is a walt's retail paradise.
  5. LOL like the reply poison dwarf..

    But back to the question, no it is not illegal to sell a copy, though wearing one not earned will prob get the sh1t kicked out of you.
  6. Aren't replicas supposed to replicate the original?

  7. Ah, Henry Du Bora, full-on waltfest shop

    He does do a good line in berets though and they are much more comfortable than the issue ones.
  8. To a person of limited means who collects medals, these are a far cheaper version to purchase as a representative of the medal. Most medal collectors would never be able to afford a real one. As long as they do not try to pass them off as a real one and do not wear them, I see no problem. There are copies made now of all the medals and awards.
  9. And there is no problem with that intothesilk2, however, a serious collector would never buy that particular copy - it's gold ffs , and looks absolutely nothing like an origibal !

    No that is a walt shop for walts ran by walts.
  10. Its used by quite a few Aldershot 'residents', especially for selling kit to at the end of a month when the pay check has run out.