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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RAFMover, Apr 29, 2005.

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  1. As an ex RAF Mover, i am somewhat surprised that there isn't a topic in this deepest apols if a thread is in here somewhere...

    May i offer my deepest congratulation to Pte J Beharry VC on his award. As tradition states he outranked the Army's top soldier who in his words "was proud to stand alongside Pte Beharry...

    Bet Pte Beharry still wont get a British passport despite being the recipient of Britains highest accolade.....
  2. There's a huge one about it. You're a little behind the times matey! It was started a couple of months ago.
  3. sorry if i missed the gravy boat then..
  4. No matter what passport he's got bet you couldn't get him anywhere......... :roll:
  5. That's not true.

    They could.

    Just not the same place as his webbing, that's all.
  6. back on the slag a mover posting then i c....

    hasten to add now that whilst in booking centre i moved more Comp cases from the Army than the RAF and Navy put together...

    Including a Ghurka from Mt Pleasant to Nepal to bury his father, this was the most unusual case due to the customs of the Nepalese in relation to the relase of the fathers body...

    A Para and his Wren sister, the Army dragged its heels for ages on the Para, the Senior service intervened and things happened...

    Many times whilst on Duty Call Out, i was woken at silly o clock in problem..that was my job...i succeeded in moving these people back to where they needed to be ASAP...

    This meant by Civ Air from FI or if the Tristar had left as long as it was not more than 3hrs out, i had the authority to request it came back to FI !!
  7. WOW. You hero
  8. Hero my ring piece...

    just a conscientous JNCO at that time doing the job i was paid to do...!!


    Got a very laudatory letter from a WO2 for just doing my job but to him i went out of my way...
    Nice to receive letter of gratitude, puts the catty comments of r's wipes in the shade
  9. still the classic mover stupidity was asking a TA infantry battalion back when they were all blokes off to germany for two week holiday in the field that "gas powered curling tongs were not allowed"
    we were the Queens but even so :)
  10. gas powered tongs were classed as DAC under both military regs and CAA regs
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I think that this subject has moved well away from the original topic and you should all take a good look at yourselves. Well done Johnson Beharry,AND all the others who have gained or missed out on, honours.

    Now my bit - (MODs if this carries on please move to NAAFI)
    Movers are a pain, and always will be due to their role. However, what you all have to bear in mind is that the job of movers, and all the support element (and I include the dropshorts and donkey wallopers in this) is to get the infantry in a position where they can do their job and hold the ground! That is fact and will never change. Once it quietens down and the support elements can stand down from their primary role they often take on local inf tasks. All elements have their role and all do their best to do it, even if it does not seems so,

    No matter where you go in life you will always find Jobsworths so lighten up and live and let live.

    (X-Inf at home)

    p.s. Movers never seem to have a problem getting you 'In Theatre' :twisted:
  12. Was the laudatory letter from the WO2 somehow related to your ring piece in any way form or fashion...I think we should be told :lol:
  13. LMAO :D :D