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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frigate23, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. Something made my blood boil today in college.

    We finished the Crimean War part of the course and in our textbooks there is a big segment dedicated to teaching the history of the VC, my teacher obviously didn't feel the need to teach the students its History of it!

    It seriously upsets me that things like these are being overlooked, sometimes I just want to cry about the state of our country.

    After having met Beharry at TA100 parade in Canterbury last year, I've read into further in depth about some of the actions that won it, just unbeleivable, damn sight more worthy of lesson time than Florence Nightingale.

    I feel that I am not wanted at college, because I am THE military presence that these shits have got, and they treat me as if I personally guarded Auschwitz. I'm only a Pte STAB!

    Joining regular soon anyway so I'll be rid of them!
  2. Did you bring it up with your teacher out of interest?
  3. I got the same sort of treatment from my History teacher, just because I was in the cadets. He compared the ATC to the Hitler Youth and made jibes occasionally.

    Very dissapointing really, on impartial grounds aswell as moral ones.
  4. One of the strange things is that Florance never went to the Crimea, the only nurse who did was Mary Seacoal who ran a sort of NAFFI canteen and hospital in Balaklava, but she doe's not appear in the history books because she was black, florance Nightingale was in Scutari

    tell your teacher this,

    People sleep peaceably in their beds at night
    only because rough men stand ready to do
    violence on their behalf

    George Orwell

    Which freedom did teachers win,?
  5. Nah mate I'm grounds for getting kicked out tomorrow! Got a hearing!

    I keep getting in arguments with other students, and my liberal pinko teachers, never done a hard days work in their life, she was complaining that she had too much marking to do last week, and I "quietly" mentioned to her that MY mum may be having a harder time in Lashkar Ghar!

    What a stupid bitch! The ******* ignorance to do that in front of me!
  6. Frigate - tomorrow, keep your temper, keep calm. do not raise your voice, do not use the "colourful" descriptions you've used above...did I mention keep your temper?

    This is one of those important lesson times - one that will prove useful when you go regular. You will meet people who don't understand, who don't agree with you and who don't care all the time - you cannot win them all over and you certainly won't by getting angry with them. The best thing you can do is be the best that you can be.

    In the hearing, calmly explain your position, in carefully thought out statements. And I'll say it again, do not raise your voice, do not use the descriptions above and keep your temper - that way you will do yourself more favours.

    If they don't teach you want you feel is important at college, then do the reading and research in your own (as you appear to be doing). Bide your time, hold your temper (have I mentioned that before? :D ) and get through college - there isn't that much time to go. People in all types of jobs will complain about them, because that is what is important and relevant to them. It is possible that this teacher doesn't know about your family and if she does simply doesn't think about it on a regular basis. It happens - it may not be right, but that's life. Accept the fact that plenty of people do appreciate what families are going through and what those who serve do for us "mere civvies".

    (Apologies if there is any hint of patronism in this post - none is intended...)
  7. No cheers!

    I've been wanting to hear something like that!

    Its just they really don't understand. I have about 10 close mates and my gorgeous missus there in all, the rest I just can't face giving the time of day! I am just a STAB I know but I'm still going to Ghanners, then on to Regular, it just pisses me off that they've been brought up so ignorant to our world!
  8. Actually, it has been my experience (and I flatter myself that it is quite extensive) that military youth and cadet organisations are often called the Hitler Youth by regulars. In fact, a pal of mine is now an flying instructor based at Syerston and he uses this term all the time. Perhaps your teacher has military connections?

    You are right though I suppose. It's not in good taste. But then neither is most military humour.
  9. That is very good advice because if you do join you will one day feel like kicking the crap out of some wonk, but you wont ,you will call him SIR in such a way that sounds like an insult, and remember

    Every man thinks meanly of himself
    for not having been a soldier
    Dr Johnson

    I didn't go to Uni until I was 38 and I stood my ground and put the pinkos down with brains and not brawn, I loved winding up the lecturers
  10. ..and part of the Tribe called squaddie, one massive family of STAB's & ARAB's. Don't ever think that you are just a STAB again.

    Stay calm is the best advice, remember the person you're in front of tomorrow is a civvie and you're better than that . 8)
  11. You need to check this out but - and I agree you must restrain yourself and remain calm - Students have rights have the right to question your teacher and may ask to speak to your principal and state your concern.
    Dont scream and shout if you do you loose, present a rational arguement and the teacher will look very foolish.
    Good luck

  12. That is the one thing that comfots me to be honest! Knowing I do something these ******* couldn't hack!
  13. The 12th SS Panzer Division Hitler Jugand were an elite unit made up of teenage troops who kicked our arrse at Caen even though the unit was only 1 year old and the average age was 18
  14. I used to get aggro at college for being in the TA. Back then we had the CND numpties to deal with too. Try not to get too revved up by it, you've had some good advice above. One thing to remember when you're thinking: "This stupid bint's only got some books to mark and my mums in Lashkar Ghar" is that the worst thing anyone can really relate to is the worst thing that has happened to them personally. It's probably a big deal to her. Just form your opinion and move on...

    Good luck with it all.
  15. SIR, just an insult? I've heard it sound like about 10 pages of tightly written enquiries into the officers parentage, intelligence, the wisdom of the RCB, the Sandhurst DS etc... it was a bit like the bagpipes, great to listen to if you're a reasonable distance away & it's not directed straight at you!! :lol:
    In fact I never knew such a small word could have so many meanings until I heard it used by the Armed Forces! :wink:

    frigate23 don't lose your cool, wiggle your toes, dig your nails into the palm of your hand - whatever it takes. Just remember there's nothing better for your enemy than you losing your cool & nothing worse for them than you staying calm & polite. 8) it really really hacks them off...
    Good luck