Victoria Cross vs. George Cross

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Corporal, Mar 18, 2005.

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  1. After reading the links given to me about British medals in the Cpl Laing thread, I have a question. What is the difference between the Victoria Cross and the George Cross, other than civilians can win the George Cross? Is the VC considered higher, or are they considered equal?

    Remember, I'm a Spam Marine, so small words please. :wink:
  2. VC, if you are getting shot at by the enemy in war.
    GC if you are getting shot at by yanks in peace time.

    The GC is not to be sniffed at, in comparrison to the VC.
    SK :)
  3. I think and do correct me if I'm wrong but the Victoria Cross is for Valor in the face of the Enemy and the George Cross is for Valor in other circumstances.
  4. the details for all military honours and awards and what is required to get them is at:

    form an orderly queue!
  5. Just to concur, the difference between the 2 is the VC is awarded for actions in face of the enemy at time of war, GC is in all other times

    Example of GC s are Tpr Finney, he was shot at by our american cousins so echnically not against the enemy, there was a guy I think in NI he was killed when he shielded civis from bomb

    That sort of thing
  6. a VC can be issued to a civilian in exceptional circumstances.

    also if you are awarded either you get an annual bounty of £1,500 a year.

    again as had been my observation, most VC winners tends to be very modest about their award, Balharry shows the same sentiments
  7. The GC is the highest gallantry award for civilians as well as for members fo the armed forces in actions for which purely military honours would not normally be granted.

    Recipients of the Empire Gallantry Medal, Albert Medal and Edward Medal were all invited to exchange their medal for the GC.

    84 posthumous awards
    72 surviving awards
    113 EGM transferred, 65 AM and 68 EM transferrees

    'Famous GCs'

    Tpr Finney
    The RUC
    The islands of Malta
    Odette Sansome and Violette Szabo (both SOE)
  8. e.g. Thomas Kavanagh VC, Lucknow 1858.

    ...and, according to the staff at the VC association, most tend to be the eldest child of large families.
  9. The answer to the second part of your question is: they are considered equal, but the VC would be worn first - if someone had both - as it is the older and thus more 'senior' award.

    VC's aren't issued, they're awarded :roll:
  10. ok probably not the right word i was writing in a hurry, since i am bald i have't got any hairs to split with :lol:
  11. Think the guy you are thinking of was Sgt Willis PARA who died in Springfield Rd police station when terrs threw bomb into crowded waiting room. Willis shepherded them out through back door which he held open for them to get out. He died in the blast.
  12. i heard a song about a guy at a train station who jumped on a bomb/grenade despite getting heckled from the crowd.

    true story im told?! it was about a reme sgt? any bells. could be wrong

    seen the lyrics for said song on this very website

    if true would he not be in the standings for an award?
  13. Yep thats the fella

    And if I remember right he was spat upon by those he saved
  14. The BBC banned the song, I think it was by a bloke called Harvey Andrews?
    In fact I am pretty sure I have it on an old 45 rpm (whatever that is!) at home somewhere. :roll:
  15. It was No 1 with a bullet on the Shankill for a while, until displaced by 'We are the boys from Derry, fück the Pope and the Virgin Mary...' but not exactly 'Family Favourites' material.