Victoria Cross For Afghan War Hero

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Nov 17, 2007.

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    Victoria Cross For Afghan War Hero
    Nov 17 2007

    A HERO of the Afghan war is to be awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross.

    Captain David Hicks, who died leading a counter-attack against the Taliban, is expected to receive Britain's highest bravery honour in the new year.

    The 26-year-old will be the first officer to win the VC since Falklands hero Lieutenant Colonel Herbert "H" Jones.

    The Ministry of Defence refused to confirm the award.

    But senior Whitehall sources have told MPs said they are "virtually certain" the captain will be given the honour.

    Captain Hicks, of Wokingham in Berkshire, was leading soldiers from 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment when they were ambushed in Helmand Province on August 11.

    He was mortally wounded when a rocket-propelled grenade exploded near his command post.

    He refused medical help so he could gather 50 men and lead an attack against the rocket position.

    And he turned down an airlift to safety so he could stay with his men until the attack was over.

    Captain Hicks was one of two soldiers from the same battalion nominated for the VC.

    The second is believed to be Lance Corporal Oliver "Teddy" Ruecker, 20. InMay, he fought off Taliban riflemen to rescue a wounded comrade from a burning armoured car.

    The Anglians' campaign has cost the lives of nine soldiers and seen about 80 wounded in some of the heaviest fighting since World War II.
  2. Two soldiers nominated - will both get it?

    IMO it's not right that deserving acts don't get the VC because issuing too many will devalue it. I'm trying to think of examples but I'm sure that there was one this year or the last?
  3. "A medic helped him get Cpl Bailey inside the vehicle but L/Cpl Ruecker's ordeal was not over yet as he had to run another 100 yards to another Viking because there was no room. When he made it his colleagues began checking him for a wound because he was covered in his friend's blood.

    "I then went into a little bit of shock and smoked about 20 cigarettes in five minutes," he said"

    Surprised they're not doing him for smoking in the workplace.

    Bloody well done to both of them.
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  4. It's a shame he died, he sounds like the very best kind of officer. I hope his family will have the opportunity to collect a VC from Buckingham Palace.

    I hope the lance jack gets his medal as well. There is something a bit special about killing a load of Taliban and getting a mate out of a wounded vehicle and away to safety.

    British infantry at it's very best. Hats off to the Royal Anglians.
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  5. The Vikings were always outstanding,when I knew them.Very Sincere Congratulations.
  6. Yea ****ing prick !!!
    If i was you I would take your post off here and go and get a life.
  7. Yup, thats what he appears to be saying.
  8. Where exactly did he say that? I think you two need to drop the faux-outrage. I know loads of blokes who, most people would agree, did more than enough to earn a gallantry medal yet they came home without even a Bde Commanders commendation. Qosmio has a point but, perhaps this wasn't the thread to make it.

    And Qosmio why did you reply to a five year old thread?
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  9. Blimey Qos, you're insight into the VC and the SAS is outstanding. Thanks for that!

    Hey, is it half-term already?
  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    You do know this thread is five years old, don't you?
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  11. Both Capt Hicks and Lcpl Ruecker were awarded the Military Cross.
  12. Did he recieve the award? The original post was 2007. I don't appreciate being called a 'Prick. That is offensive and not in line with the rules of this website. And what do you imply with your comment FAT CAV? ask me a question.
  13. Thanks Crow bag
  14. CB or Forastero, is it not possible to make this a separate thread?

    Of itself the post would make a good (sensible) debating point but clearly some think it's being specific about Capt. Hicks on this thread.
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