Victora Cross for Iraq?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mike_2817, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. If already posted I cannot find it:

    Was in Saturdays 'Daily Mail' but I can find no online referance other than the Channel News Asia:

  2. Without casting any aspertions whatever on the valour of the proposed recipient or his deserving of the award, but purely as a matter of protocol. Can the VC be awarded during what we are constantly being told is not a war?
  3. I thought we were told that Op Corporate wasn't a war either. But at least they called it a conflict.
  4. Yes, strangely enough echos of the Lady saying just that returned to me a few seconds after I posted said.
  5. If there is any truth in this story...... bet he gets it on 4 May... lots of pictures with Tony and Geoff. Sorry what's the widely rumoured date of the election?

    A shame really because from the versions I have heard of this event the geezer deserves one.
  6. I think we should keep our mouths shut on this one. There are good reasons to think that several high awards from the Falklands were downgraded as the result of the Sun breaching an agreed embargo - a couple of days before the Falklands honours list they reported there were to be six VCs awarded and named the recipients - and I would not want to prejudice anybody's chance of being decorated for bravery.
  7. CP,

    The same thought had occured to me (ie an embargo)....I'll shut up.
  8. The criteria for the VC and MC is "in action against the enemy" which is why Tpr Finney was awarded GC, not the VC he deserved.

    MC's have been awarded since the end of 'the war' so since they are awarded under the same criteria regarding the 'enemy' i assume that must mean its ok.

    Well deserved by all accounts.
  9. In that case think about deleting or locking the thread?

    Daily Mail published article on Saturday, so damage may have already been done!
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer


    Trooper Finney got a very richly deserved GC. He did not meet the criterea for the the VC, therefor he did not desrve one. The GC ranks the same as the VC its just for different things.
  11. VC, he Got a VC, absloutly fan 'kin' tastic. :D :D :D
  12. has anyone on here ever put someone forward for an award?
    If you had that youd know that the CO of this blokes unit could shout till hes blue in the face about putting him up for a VC, you dont put someone forward for a specific award, you put them forward for 'an award' and it is up to the Ceremonial Secretariat in the Cabinet Office which one they actually get.
    Sorry to disillusion.
    Hope hes gets something massive though.
  13. I hope the guy gets what he deserves - many don't.

    On the subject of press release/leaks/briefings, why can't the news be released in one go - and Officially !?.

    OK, it's not a new thing (somebody obviously let the Sun in on the loop in 1982), but it happens more and more. The news yesterday morning was full of bits about the Deepcut report, quoting it word for word. OK - give them a preview so they can ask sensible questions at the official release, but put them under an embargo on passing it on to Joe Public or anyone else.

    I recall the BBC sacked that sneering turd Michael Cole for releasing details of the Queen's Christmas speech when he was Court Correspondent.
  14. The system used to be - and still is to some extent - that the press would voluntarily agree to an embargo and would then get news early to give them time to prepare their material for publication to coincide with the official release, which seems fair enough to me. However, papers like the Sun began to use the early release material as a basis for digging up a story themselves, i.e. they weren't using the embargoed stuff, they'd got the information independently... yeah right :roll: The problem was, getting in first with the news has such massive financial implications re circulation and advertising that a tabloid editor couldn't afford to sit on a good story.

    So, once again the red tops corrupted a working system and led to what happens now. Politicians, civil servants, senior military personnel etc etc etc leak material to 'friendly' journalists for personal or political advantage.
  15. Well done on him. And hopefully it will highlight that the Brit AOR is not the 'cosy corner' that many seem to think.
    I wouldn't be surprised if it's hijacked by Buff-Hoon and pals with a 'peoples' hero' slant on it though. I hope that doesn't happen but given the PR manipulation of the current lot I wouldn't be surprised.
    Be funny if it's awarded and there's an empty space where a Telic medal should be....