Victims put SF chief on the spot (McGuinness and the SEMTEX)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Never, never, never. Not now, not Ever. British Pig.

  2. Don't know. (Fock off, British Pig)

  3. Sure I will. Sure and aren't we all pals now. British Pig.

  1. [align=center][​IMG][/align]

    Isn't that a sweet picture? I thought you'd appreciate it.

    Anyway. Here's the news article. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin...

    The gist of the article is this: the joint head of the most efficient criminal/terrorist gang in Europe of the past half-century - unpunished - who is now in Government in a part of the United Kingdom, bless, has been asked to provide information on the provision of supplies by Libya to his grisly terrorist organisation during his more active years, an organisation which shredded and perforated not a few people of this parish.

    There's no doubt whatsoever that his contribution would assist the victims and their families in their effort to gain compensation for the wrong done to them. Bearing in mind that the appalling 'Belfast Agreement' has freed a huge number of his murderous colleagues from gaol, and bearing in mind the shrill demands of his colleagues for the confessions and imprisonment of transgressors within the Security Forces of those years, you'd think he'd be in a suitable frame of mind to spill a few beans.

    Here's the question:

    Is that a half-Windsor?
  2. Certainly blóody well isn't.
  3. More appropriate if it was made of three-quarter inch hemp, with the knot just behind his left ear...
    ...and a long drop beneath his feet!
  4. :twisted: remember he wasnt in the ira


  5. OldAdam, that is a terrible, irresponsible thing to say, and I want to register a protest in the strongest possible terms about your offensive comments.

    The drop, of course, should be extremely short. That way, he won't break his neck on the way down, and will suffer for much longer.
  6. McGuinness or Adams will never face legal justice, how can they? wether we like it or not McGuinness is the second most powerful man in NI. Who put him there? Bliar and co.
    However thats not to say they will never face some other type of justice, NI is full of angry and hurt people still to this day and id guess for quite a few years to come!
  7. Nope, I'm just taking the pragmatic view; I wouldn't want the slippery sh*te wriggling out of a loose noose somehow!
  8. The best picture of McGuinness is a Sight Picture.....
  9. It does make the aim of a United Ireland by any means neccessary worthwhile..............not

    a United Ireland founded on bitterenss has feets of clay and has no moral foundation.
  10. From the Newsletter:

    "Rejectionist agenda"? "The wider Peace Process"? What is wrong with these people? They talk like those pillocks who used to flog the Socialist Worker on the streets. They're living in the past - if the election in the Republic hasn't taught them a severe lesson in The Rest of Us v. Revolutionary Socialism, I don't know what will.
  11. You cannot BE serious, the ball was IN. Thats John McEnroe isn't it.


  12. Wrong wrong wrong...... it's Art Garfunkle!!!!
  13. Art Garfunkel? No, I'm sure that is well known former Islington MP, ex-Cultural Secretary and noted HIV infected shirt lifter..erm...I mean "confirmed bachelor", Baron (Chris) Smith of Finsbury.
  14. It's a slow day for me today. I've just snatched my favourite tome - Dod's Parlimentary Companion, following your comment and do you know......... Jerry Adams and Tony Cunningham(Labour / Workington).
    Feck me, trying differentiating their parlimentary id photos apart.

    Anyway he'll always be 'Art' to me. Bubble hairstyle and RUC authorised 9mm in his hip pocket..........
  15. Well, Paul Simon can get a bit uptight about artistic credit, so I've heard. Best not to take chances.

    Edited to add: Might explain some of the int I've had to act on. I always thought putting an ambush in on the approaches to Scarborough Fair was a bit of a puzzler.