Victims may decide inmates fate

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 22, 2006.

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  2. Yet another populist headline from nu-labour that will be forgotten about in 5mins time.

    Headlines, headlines, headlines! :roll:
  3. bollox

    I reckon most victims are even less placed to do the equivelent of passing sentence than some out of touch judge. How about the jury (12 muppets) being involved in sentencing?

    Also would this wash with human rights? Oh yeah... tony don't like them no more...
  4. If the original punishment fitted the crime, then would be be in this situation. Bring back hanging. I know it's not to everyones taste and that the death penalty is considered by some to be barbaric, but it's less barbaric than blowing up a train or a bus full of people you don't know, just so you can make a political statement and it's less barbaric than kicking a man to death outside a pub.

    Let's introduce hard labour. Get some chain gangs out to work, dayglo orange overalls and shackles. Make them work. Don't work, don't eat. Simple.

    Life sentence? Should mean life. Balls to what happens to them psychologically when they are inside. Lock them down. We might balk at the thought of how some far eastern countries deal with thier criminals, but at least they deal with them.

    I expect some comments of opposition and a few insults but f*ck you I don't care. I'd rather see a paedophile swing from a scaffold than allow them to repeat offend. Repeat Offenders? Do we have them in this country?
  5. And you call me 'hardline'? ;)

    Agree with every word, mind you...
  6. Say no more!! :twisted:
  7. Hard but fair.
  8. As much as I agree about the death sentence, i think this country is too far gone to even vaguely hint at reinitiating it. However the Hard Labour idea, why not. Make them feckers sweat for the good of the state. But what could we make them do?
  9. Perhaps we could make them do all of the jobs that the Home Office claim will only normally be taken up by illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. The ones that Joe British public wouldn't touch.....

    That way, we kill two birds with one stone.

    It works in America doesn't it?? :twisted:
  10. Mine clearance in Angola???
  11. We wouldn't be allowed to do it. As an ex-highranking copper of my acquaintance put it "European Human Rights legislation has holed this country below the waterline. When it comes to law and order, we're fcuked".

    Oh great.
  12. One way to stop prisoners getting out early:

    Make it possible to sue Parole boards if someone they release early reoffends, or better still , make them criminally liable for aiding and abetting whatever crime is committed, as, if they hadn't let them out, it wouldnt have happened.

    Then sit back and watch these left wing do-gooding knobjockeys on the parole boards backpedal like f**k
  13. You could make them and any other 'professional' involved in and after the 'convicts' release, sign an agreement that if he/she commits an offence after his/her release, that the 'professional' will do the same amount of time as the 'con' gets when he goes back in. They wouldn't be so quick to let the f*ckers out in the first place.
  14. Nice idea Tone, but what about the sad fecker who after being told he has to stay in jail another 5 years by old Mrs Probesher whom he robbed some time back, then gets out and goes round to said ol'lady's place and does her over?!!
    Nah sorry Mr Bliar, it isn't going to work.
    I tell you what will: Hand over to Gordon, lets all have a few years of fun watching him feck it all up, then we can all vote someone new in!!!
  15. Biccies old chap, - don't agree with some of the things you say but on this one I'll vote for you if this is your manifesto!!