Victim Personal Statement

Do any old bill, magistrates etc on here have any personal views as to the usefulness of victim impact statements?

Are they considered to be useful, or are they not really worthwhile in the cold light of day?

Opinions welcome!
In my Force they are used frequently.

I have read heart wrenching ones relating to historical child abuse, and simple ones following someone losing their handbag to a dipper. They do have an effect on Mags and Judges that inhabit diferent worlds to you and I.

Bear in mind that the suspect will invariably turn up in court lawyered up, clean shaven and in a Matalan crimplene suit with a polyester shirt and a tie knotted like a Premiership footballer. Butter would not melt

If you are offered the opportunity to make such a statement do so.
I'm a fan of victim impact statements. The court already know that the person has committed a crime but the use of the statements show the emotional damage as well as the physical damage that has been caused by the defendent in his/her actions.

They not only mean that the defendent may get a longer sentence but it shows the defendent the damage they have caused and ccan also be a positive action for the victim as they become more involved in the case than they used to be prior to the introduction of VIS.


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I agree with both of the above posts. In my opinion the VPS is the only time the victim gets to actually say how they have been affected by the actions of the scummer sitting opposite. I have always encouraged the victim to write not only what they feel (which can be cathartic) but what they think should happen to the offender. They are the only time you can do this without the legal system constraining you,and remember you can write anything that you like by all means have a rant(it can make you feel better too).
It is an opportunity to let the Mags know what its like to live on planet earth and have to live with the actions of these t***s.
Please do go ahead and write a VIS. They are carrying increasing weight in sentencing in the courts and only by using them more will their impact be truly felt. As our system doesn't enable to victim to give their version of events, as that is the role of Prosecutor, it is the only real opportunity for the victim to give their side of the story. And yes I do work in prosecution!
Battle_Babe said:
And yes I do work in prosecution!
I thought that was still illegal in the UK. Oh, sorry, prosecution. My mistake!

Bugsy said:
Battle_Babe said:
And yes I do work in prosecution!
I thought that was still illegal in the UK. Oh, sorry, prosecution. My mistake!

Lol! Nope Prostitution itself isn't acually illegal - its all the soliciting, trafficking and pimping that is illegal!

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