Victim of Feminism!!! Are you a victim!

I had to make myself a cup of tea last night! The lazy bitch was "Too busy" making clothes for the kids! Are there any other victims out there?

Germaine Greer has a lot to answer for!
Get a grip of her man!
Oh finally a real man, hope we dont have to fight over him........

and the shame of it is he's a jock.
If you women learned a bit about concurrent activity you would have more time for your men.
cernunnos said:
You had a bite there, don't change your bait!

Thats the point cernunnos with an attitude like that he probably hasnt got any bait you could find without the aid of a magnifying glass..


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ObnoxiousJockGit said:
If you women learned a bit about concurrent activity you would have more time for your men.
So much for the alleged female ability to multi task.


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Here's my missus . . .

Tell her to shave her pubes.

You let your woman get away with that????


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Snakes with tits the lot of them. ( I have heard that before somewhere)


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Biped said:
Here's my missus . . .

She needs to tone herself up a bit, saggy titted tart.
Seen worse.

Been with worse.
I suspect that many of the posts above are from happily married men who are actually very proud of their wives, knowing and accepting that they have a 50% share in homemaking and raising the family. Men who help out around the house, do a bit of hoovering, washing up and occasionally just do all the ironing,(I mean what women can actually iron CBT 95 properly!?).
As for the rest who are normal - keep it up lads!!
There's a bloke who works here, he has to cook his own scoff once a week while she swans off to do a weeks shopping for a family of five.

The lazy bitch even took her bus fare out of the house-keeping money, the shop is only a mile away!

Feminist madness!

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