Victim of bin theft offered counselling.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hong_kong_fuey, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Another example of this topsy-turvy country we live in.

    BBC News
  2. Victim Support, as part of their remit offer councelling to all victims of crime wherever they can.

    They are a charity.
  3. Rather highlights the jobswothlike way these people operate though doesn't it.

    Someone would have had to type that letter, did it not ocure to them that offering counciling over the theft of a wheely bin was a bit silly. :D
  4. So it isn't computer generated with the poster not knowing the nature of the crime? I don't know that it is so, but the possibility must be voiced.

    The other possibility is that VS are not allowed to descriminate in the types of crime they offer councelling or other help for.
  5. Incompetence is incompetence is incompetence, whether within a charity, a business or a state agency. Victim Support is funded through the public purse. They should, therefore, be held accountable for their failures. It's typical of limp liberals like Sven, with their polytechnic mentalities, to support mediocrity and incompetence. Fooking happy clappers.
  6. Quite possibly that's the case sven, but if that's true, is far worse.

    That they don't take the time to find out about the victims and the crimes suffered and send them arandom computer generated letter to me would be far far worse than jobsworthlike behavior, so either way it doesn't look good to me.
  7. HKF, where is the incompetence you mention? As a charity they have set objectives and one of them is to respond to crime, regardless of what it is or who suffered as a result. The guy in the story obviously doesnt need assistance but, as the article mentions, what about the old lady who may need assistance in speaking to the relevant bodies to get her self a new bin or the disabled pensioner who may need help sorting a broken fence because some little shtie has put his foot through it?

    Not all Happy Clappers mate but rather charitable organisations trying to help where they can.
  8. I tend to agree with Sven - it's just a computer churning out a letter (and probably in the long run it's more efficient just to let the damn machine get on with it) but that's funny.

    I know instinctively what you mean by "polytechnic mentality" but would you mind defining it further?

  9. Quite agree. This article's ridicule is misplaced. As we have seen far too often, many vulnerable victims of crime receive no support at all. And how many times do we only find out when it's all too late?

    More power to Victim Support's elbow for their work. I imagine they do their best as a charity with the resources they have available. It wasn't their fault they were given no details about the theft. Even so, if a frightened old lady had been involved, she might have welcomed their overtures. Better that ten people receive unnecessary offers of help than one true victim slips through the net. But then again, some people wouldn't give a damn anyway.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    My bank used to churn out reams of the stuff automatically, but a minor bit of reprogramming soon fixed it.

    It doesn't stop my oh-so-green council sending a box full of paper every month regarding my council tax and how green its services are?!?!?
  11. had victim support turn up years ago after i had something robbed in a burglary better did'nt need there support but better they turn up than they don't
  12. I are all..sniff...sob...being beasts!

    After all, some people, such as MDN, have a very deep and meaningful relationship with their wheely-bins.
  13. We can arrange therapy for your running nose if you want cuddles?
  14. Well, if you read the article, you would have noticed that Victim Support were not, in fact, told the details of the crime, only that a crime had been commited. They can hardly be called incompetent etc. for following up on "a crime" which is the only information they had to go on.

    No, the ridicule is misplaced - Victim Support are doing the best they can with the info they have.
  15. Carrying out the instructions of the funding suppliers on the other hand is common sense, try applying it sometimes.