victim mentality

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ragged Sapper, Oct 20, 2004.

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  1. I`ve just watched an article on sky news in which M.P. Boris Johnson is basically about to get lynched in liverpool for the comments he made about the murdered worker Ken Bigly

    He accused the liverpool people of being hooked on grief and having a victim mentality,also he had a pop at hillsbourgh

    Now i dont wish to sound like a heartless cnut but i think he might have a point on this one.Every time a bill oddie gets the good news we hear the bear minimum or nothing at all and they certainly dont get a minute silence at a football match

    Its bad enough that a council in wales didnt have their flag at half mast for one of their fallen boys,but when people jump down your throat for speaking your mind about why he was there,and lets face it it was for the cash,it makes my blood boil.However if your a certain muslim cleric you can get away with making all sorts of anti british veiws

    Sorry if this posts all over the place (And my spelling !) but so much was going on in my head when i heard about this that ive probably not got my point over to well

    I do send my condolencies out to the Bigly family,but dont forget the other victims out there and at home
  2. And i`ll probably hear the old chestnut about civvies being more newsworthy than squaddies because its their job to go over there and fight.

    I overheard some students in heywood make this sort of comment and belive me i really wanted to give them both barrels :twisted:
  3. it's been becoming more prevalent in british society as a whole in the last few years , since that blonde hooker got wasted in the tunnel in paris , that was frankly an embarrasing display of "i'm much sadder than you , look at MEEEEEE" i'm not some heartless pr*ck , but i do feel mr johnson has a point (much as it loathes me to say it , the tory cnut) it seems the jerry springer/trisha generation cant do "restrained emotion" anymore everythings got to be like the soap opera riddled world most of them occupy!! ....... blimey , it's a bit early to be ranting , but there you go!!!
  4. You feel like shouting get agrip there is expressing for someones loss
    and then going over the top.I think johnson had some valid points hope he turns up drunk and tells scouser jokes :lol:
  5. I like Boris - he speaks his mind and doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks. And in a free society, that's his right. However, he has committed thoughtcrime and will now be publically dragged over the coals. I find this abhorrent - I was watching the BBC news this morning, and apparently he is going to apologise to "the people". This sounds like something out of Communist-era Pravda: "Comrade Boris apologised to The People for his ill-concieved remark about our fallen Comrade, whose loss The People feel as if he were their brother [or should that be "brudder"?]. The People were grateful for his apology, but nevertheless have still beseeched the Revolutionary Troika to apply the strictest penalty for such counter-revolutionary activity" etc etc etc...

    I also spotted this morning that Orwell's "ritualised hatred" is being used as a tool of this govt against such dissenters as Boris, through the medium of the Vox Pops...
  6. This subject was part of a phone in on Radio 2 (vine) yesterday and someone said people don't understand that in Liverpool an act against one Liverpudlian is an act against all and that we are just one big family.

    Have to admit it was some time before I could straighten up from laughing, - you rob, cheat, kill, rape FROM YOUR FAMILY!!
  7. Maybe it's just like those servicemen refusing to go to the sandpit to fight against their "muslim brothers", when the "muslim brothers" have been fighting each other in various wars for, oh, about 1200 years? Iran-Iraq war anyone?
  8. you only have to go back to our grandparents to see a generation who knows what experiencing loss is REALLY all about , they really must wonder sometimes if it was all worth the effort when they look around at the weak lilly livered , rude , thick worthless generations they fought for, blubbing into their pot noodles over someone they didn't even know. :roll:
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Well said Shortfuse, I think that sums up the thoughts of many of us.
  10. This really is quite amusing. The one good thing about politicians is that if they say something that personally offends you you vote them or their mate out at the next election. I don't suppose there are many Tory pollies in the republic of Liverpool but there you go.

    Howard is actually missing a trick here. Perhaps if his party were more outspoken and reflected the communities real feelings he might be in with shot but instead he and his group of mongs are likely to hand it on a plate to BLiar.
  11. The Spectator had a point, and was quite brave in attempting to describe Liverpudlians as other than cheeky chappy, what-a-lot-they've-been-through-but-still-come-up-smiling types.

    The only people who can actually grieve for Ken Bigley are his family, and those who actually knew him. Others can only sympathise with their loss, much as we sympathise with the families and friends of fallen soldiers, but many seem unable to see the difference between true grief and sympathy.

    The reference to Hillsborough was interesting. On a Home Office course I attended on the psychological aspects of major incidents one presenter - who had actually been present at Hillsborough and subsequently was involved in dealing with some of the victims and their relatives - described how some social workers in Liverpool had, far from helping professionally, become so involved with the families that they were actually prolonging the grieving process, and refused to accept that what they were doing was neither appropriate or professional. It doesn't seem to have happened elsewhere, and the conclusion was that Scousers are indeed rather precious about maintaining their victim status.
  12. if they didn't have their own "victim status" they'd probably nick someone elses :)
  13. By the way does anyone know how Boris is intending to apologies to the peoples republic? The moderates probably aren't interested so an impressive gathering of some of the harder elements are likely to turn up. Please God let there be a TV camera present. Perhaps this is Howards gift to the Liverpudlians; a token sacrifice. The massed wailing and slapping of heads will provide the music bed with loud and barely understandable abuse as the voice over.

    Oh boy I can't wait.

    If our Boris gets out of this without being skiffed he gets my vote.
  14. I think you're right. The Tories aren't going to win seats in Liverpool so they might as well tell it like it is: 'All Scousers are whining, welfare-obsessed, pikey car thieves.' That's certainly something we can all agree on :D
  15. Went there the other week, I saw the traditional greeting as I drove by the docks, a burning car 8O Apparently, they're going to use two crossed burning cars above a battered child surmounted by a permed wig as their new coat of arms 8O 8O