On a scale of one to ten, how illegal is that gat for them to have if it's a real Vickers gun and none of them have a dealer's licence for a heavy machine gun, or whatever they need in order to be in lawful possession of it?


If its deactivated no license required. If its a rusted relic again no license required, it would need submitting for proof!
However the video is a spoof, those Vickers guns I knew that were buried were buried really well!
Looks freshly painted rather than rusty as feck or covered in oil or other longer term preservatives.

In the vernacular, just some diamond geezers 'avin' a giraffe.
don't think crossheaded screws were about then? a well staged spoof methinks.
Spot on, as I remember cross head screws were invented in Britain during WW2. Suppose it could be a post ww2 Vickers but anyway it's obviously a badly staged video.
A deact I guess? How does one tell?
All I know is that my Dad and the other NationServicemen of that generation seemed to rate the Vickers highly.
There was a surprisingly good drama series by the BBC covering ,I think, the battle of the Marne. A Vickers played a rather leading role in it, not sure if its still on their site.


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don't think crossheaded screws were about then? a well staged spoof methinks.
Crosshead were patented by a J Thompson in 1932 and went into production in 1934/5 after the patent was sold to Henry Philips

Square & Hex drives have been around since the late 19th Century

If Robertson hadn't ballsed up his licensing the Square or Robertson drive, as the Canadians call it, would the sole standard today

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