Vice Prez Cheneys Friendly Fire...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Seems Vice President Dick Cheney mistook his 78 year old buddy for a wild turkey or grouse or something and blasted him with buckshot in the face...pal is okay though his face took a beating with birdshot..

    Guess Veep Dick won't be the poster boy for the NRA this week.. Guns don't kill people...etc...

    Fortunate that the Secret Service boys guarding the Veep and the Paramedics that shadow him 'cause of his less-than-perfect health status wereclose at hand to render aid and comfort to the ' enemy '...

    Do almost 80 year old businessmen really look like feathered flocks in flight?
  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Hmm...latest is that old pal is very much NOT 'all right".....some of the birdshot with which the Veep peppered his bezzer migrated to his heart causing a bit of a log jam amongst all those ventricles,tricuspids, mitrals and sundry other gooey bits....

    Question: will the Veep's best mate now sue the ASS off Hizzoner?....gotta be worth a coupla million no sweat...

    Tinfoil hat Question: What did he know about Cheney's affairs and when did he know it......

    Aunty's version for benighted Cousins:

    Lee Shaver
  3. If the lawyer goes belly up, the Veep gets hit with an automatic charge under Texas law - reckless endangerment or criminal negligence or something...NRA is strangely silent on the fate of one of their ' spokespersons '..

    At Dick's age can see how a lawyer in a bright oragne reflective vest could look like a small flying fowl...
  4. I hope the guy doesn't die- it wouldn't be nearly as funny.

    I don't think the charge would be automatic if he croaks, but there would almost certainly be a Grand Jury investigation- and we all know how much Dick loves those. :twisted:

    i'v changed my mind over the whole incident, lets have a sence of proportion here !


    give the pseudo nazi dick a medal! mybe it wasnt that much of an 'accident' :wink:
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    hee hee :lol:

    ( Shouldn't your sig read " The over-and-under skeet 12 gauge is a much over-rated weapon - legal weasels are harder to kill than I thought ! " )
  7. Impeccable sense of comedic timing :D :

  8. So Scott McLellan (Septic gobment spokesman (aka duty porky merchant) and author of the highly successful book "How To Sell Used Cars") wants to "move on to the priorities of the American people".

    I wonder what his reaction would've been if the inept shooter's name had been, say, Kerry or Kennedy!

  9. I had lunch with a number of Sceptic colleagues today and this cropped up as a topic. We had a slight difference of opinion and I would welcome fellow Arrsers thoughts (particularly some of the international ones).

    Argument 1
    PB: While this is may be of interest, it was an accident and hence not the duty of the press office to inform the media. I would not expect to hear if TCB had had a car accident unless it impacted his ability to do his job.
    Sceptic: This directly demonstrates his judgement and therefore it is the duty of the White House Press Office to make it known. He is a public figure and has shot someone!

    Argument 2
    PB: If I was the lawyer who had been shot, I wouldn't want my name all over the front pages.
    Sceptic: Tough, he forfeited that right when he attended the same event as a public figure.

    Now, I don't consider my opinions to be overly liberal, but I was faintly surprised at this attitude and the 'A public figure doesn't have any time off attitude'.

  10. Americans value their " Freedom of the Press" second to the " Right to Bear Arms " and so anyone identified as a public figure is fair game 24/7, hence the paprazzi swarming all over Slutney Spears for driving with her t*tsucker on her lap instead of in a child restraint, why they stake out the front gate of the Betty Ford Clinic and why they love it when any politician/media darling is seen slipping out the back door of a pub/brothel/casino/church bingo hall/boygirl toy

    Anything and everything someone, who claims to be a 'leader' in whatever sphere, does then is a reflection of his/her mindset/view, etc., and " speaks " to the people about what they may do on ' matters of importance '..In the case of Cheney, since he's a bigshot [ pun intended ] supporter of the NRA [ which seems to have an inordinate ability to influence public policy at government levels ], anything that can pop their bubble, cut down their image a peg or two is newsworthy, especially when , in this case, it poses the question as to his judgement [ trigger happy old fat guy who couldn't tell the difference between a flock of defencless cute wittle birdies and an old guy in bright orange vest and hat ]... stretch that to reflect his ' vision ' on Iraq, etc., etc....
    Joke at first [ Images of Cheney as Elmer Fudd ] to now sober second guessing over serious downturn in pal's health due to birdshot in heart...
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    More From Aunty:

    Le Chevre
  12. PassingBells: Scuse me for bringing this up; but do you mean "Sceptic" as in "person expressing a certain doubt? Or "Septic" as in "septic-tank = Yank, aka Merri-can?
    You've confused me!