Vicar steps down for cheek kiss

A vicar has stepped down as a school governor after kissing a primary pupil on the cheek to congratulate her.
The Rev Alan Barrett, vicar of Tamworth, Staffordshire, kissed the girl in front of pupils and teachers because she had done well in maths.

Full story here BBC News

I despair! How much further are we going to be dragged down by these politically correct t*ssers? :x
In that case there perhaps needs to be an immediate and full police investigation into the cheek kissing between teachers and middle school pupils as bouquets were exchanged on the last night of my youngest child's school play last year.
Teachers smiled and hugged and kissed pupils who returned hugs and kisses in a spontaneous and traditional ENGLISH greeting and show of approval and affection.
What can we DO about this? Whinging isn't enough anymore. Our country is under attack
So its alright for church officials to fiddle with young choir boys in private but a kiss on the cheek in front of a hell of a lot of people is a no-no? I greet family members the same way - I've been committing incest all this time! :D
My God can you imagine the look of the PC brigades faces if confronted with all the hugging and the kissing while on a tour of Europe or Russia were it is the norm and the polite thing to do.
No doubt the very same people in a few years would say this is a lovely greeting why dont we have this in Britain. They make me sick

PC liberals are the worst terrorists, Islamic fundamentalists are weak in comparrison.

PC liberals have done more to change the very existant and fabric of our society over the last few years than Islamic fundamentalists could ever hope to change in a lifetime :(
My 8 year old daughter brought a form back from school today asking questions about use of her image:

Could the school use photographs of her in their prospectus? Yes.

Could images of her be used in the local media? Yes.

Could she be video taped or her image used on a webcam? No.

A teacher kissing her on the cheek in public is fine by me; webcam? No way.
This is the same vicar, The Rev Alan Barrett, who just one month ago conducted a memorial service with the dedication of an English Oak Bench for the three Tamworth soldiers who died in a roadside bombing in Al Amarah last July while serving in the 1st Battalion of the Staffordshire Regiment. He said at that service-
"Three young men whose lives we celebrate were very much in love; they loved the gift of life, they loved their families, they loved their regiment and they loved whom they served. It was a hallmark and quality of each of them.
They have given their lives so that others may live in freedom.
This bench is here so that people will be able to come from the turmoil of the world to sit in peace and quiet and reflect on the gift of life and the gift of love."

Rev Barrett said he was stunned to be subjected to a police inquiry. In a statement he said he had helped some pupils with class work and congratulated one who had struggled.
“I was stunned to hear I was subject to a police and social services investigating, examining my character, conduct and ministry," he said.
The investigation by the Diocese of Lichfield did deem the vicar's behaviour as "inappropriate" and sought assurances from him that he would not do it again.

Despite two world wars and generations of our servicemen and women laying down their lives for the freedom of their fellow man, where is the freedom when a parish priest cannot kiss a child on the cheek with wholesome love and affection?
Daily there appears to be less and less freedom in this country. Is it right that this man of God must now spend the rest of his life steering clear of children, and wondering if his parishioners consider him a deviant. He should NOT have given in to bullying and should have refused to give any assurances that he would never repeat kissing a child on the cheek again.
He should, for the sake of sanity and us all, retract that assurance immediately.
He MUST be restored as a school governor immediately. The world has gone completely stark raving mad!
Perhaps ARRSERS might arrange a Sunday outing to his parish to have our kids encouraged, helped, hugged and kissed by this good man.


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To put my serious head on for a while, I did have a personal dislike of the kissy/huggy way of going about things. That is how things were in my day. One did not do any more than shake hands or a quick 'cheeper' on the cheek for an old auntie.

Life has moved on. I visit my brother and his family in France and the 'cheeper' on the cheek for those close to you (not necessarily family) is a way of life, as the the brief touch of hands, not quite a full handshake for those you know but are not close to.

My sister in law loved taking the p ish by giving me 2 kisses on each cheek (upper level you dirty barstewards) because she knew I was uncomfortable with that (then) saying that as a close family member it deserves more than the standard greeting. My brother tried the french kiss once and I can't bring myself to that - my lifestyle again, closest I have come to this would be the Glasgow kiss (or perhaps after the world cup, the Zidane kiss) - we shook hands 8) I am perfectly happy now to embrace family (bit wary on the friends side still) and return their greeting and welcome.

I think that the story which launched this thread is yet another OTT reaction from people who do not really know how to relate to people. I hope that the padre gets the support from his 'employers' both spiritual and temporal that he needs.

I do get the feeling that the cleric has decided that he is not going to be sh it on by the press and has gone out of the lime light.

I wish him the best and hope that sometime soon we will all start treating each other as fellow humans.

Bit of a mixed post but I hope you get the drift. I am with the padre on this one.
How ridiculous that a Priest shoud be asked to amend his ways, affection and consideration, for the purpose of not offending the PC masses.

He's a priest FFS, whats next on Funeral visits hes not allowed to hug or offer a shoulder to bereaved families, at Baptisms he will be asked not to hold the child not quite so closely. In hospitals He'll be asked not to perform prayers or last rites in earshot of any people who may be offended by his religion.

At what point is good faith in people and there motives to be removed. This is absolutely hideous.

Our local Primary school head teacher sent a memo round all the houses locally informing parents that if any child was to trip and injure themselves in the playground, and start crying, he would sit the child on his knee and comfort him until such time as the child forgot it was crying, and returned to running round the playground, If any parents felt uncomfortable with that then they were welcome to take their children to other local schools.
The head teacher is married with children and understood their concerns, no-body complained or made any mention of it, Common sense still seems to exist in this corner of the west country at least.
I see it has made the nationals today.

Nice to see that some of the newspapers don't let facts get in the way of a juicy story (even when there isn't one!).

I wish the PC world could see through the eyes of some here!

How fcuking (excuse the language in a sensible forum but it deserves it) stupid is this country getting?

Both of my younger children go to a CofE primary school and at the award giving ceremonies at the end of each year it is not unusual to see the little 'uns giving their teachers a hug or a kiss on the cheek.

Obviously I need to inform the Serious Crime Squad and get them to turn up en masse next Friday just in case any show of affection between the teachers and their charges is shown!!

Being CofE they also have the local God Squad there quite regularly and I vividly recall the kids giving him a hug and the odd peck on the cheek as he was dishing out goodies for the achievers last year. I was sitting in the audience watching and the idea of any ill intent didn't even enter my mind.

This is PC gone mad and it makes my bloody blood boil.

Careful out there Padre, they'll be accusing you of trying to make people religious next :(
Aunty Stella said:
Careful out there Padre, they'll be accusing you of trying to make people religious next :(
Your allowed to make people religous, just not christian.

You have to choose a more pollitically correct religion and then force it onto others.

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