Vic Green RIP

Just read in The Wire of the sad death of Vic Green.

Vic was stationed at Blandford in the late 80's and was seriously injured whilst playing rugby for the School of Signals. I didn't know Vic well but quite often think back to the day the accident happened. I remember both teams moving onto an adjacent pitch to continue the match whilst Vic was been seen to by the medics. That was the last I personally ever saw of him.

Shortly after I heard that Vic had been left paralysed and medically discharged and they set up a fund which was to help him in the transition.

Been in contact with the RSA and they have no listed NOK so I would just like to say Rest in Peace Vic.

Did basic with Vic at 11 Sigs in early 84.

He had a wife then as he was always skint, trying to do basic with a family.

Believe he had been a Crab prior to joining the army & was quite rightly beasted daily by the DS for marching like an RAF mincer, couldn't get the driving the foot through the floor right :D

Heard about his accident, but had forgotten over the years.

RIP Vic.
That will explain why I was surprised that he had only done 4 years scaley, he seemed much older.

He used to ref for us and I can only recall him playing the once.

Big shame
I remember Vic, I heard it was 9 years RAF Reg before joining signals. It was the wednesday afternoon sports afternoon, he was told he was playing rugby and was daydreaming near the posts when he got clanged.

IIRC that incident was responsible for peoples names appearing on orders and exactly what they were to do on a wednesday sports afternoon.

RIP Vic Green
Oh Dear, have just read this......Yes Vic was in 2 Sqn (HF Troop) 30 Sigs at the time of his injury. Vic smoked liked a chimney and was quite likeable.......I remember it and the troop Staff Sgt (Bob Hooper) letting us all know the severity... The sad thing was the injury itself wasn't as bad........ but an off duty Nurse moved him and damaged his spine (as far as I can remembeer) and that did more damage.....

Sorry to hear this news......... RIP Vic......


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