Viable WI-FI Printer

Approx 18 months ago I purchased a Canon Pixma MP640 multi function WIFI printer.

The intention, as you'd expect, was to simply connect it to my BT home hub and print from all computers and devices connected to the hub.

I wish it was that simple, it just hasn't happened and a few people with far far more IT knowledge than me can get it to work.

So it's either someone has the magic solution to connecting this bloody canon to the home hub or I buy a new multifunction WIFI printer that has a proven history of working.

Any help greatly appreciated.
Cn't hrlp with the Canon I'm afraid, but the HP BZ109 is great - cheap too
Ah! PIXMA rage!

I feel for you dinger, I came bloody close to throwing mine in the bin in frustration after a week of banging my head against a wall, a PIXMA 560 for use with my Apple Mac

First off, my instructions supplied by Canon for the PIXMA 560 were a load of bollox and left out one VERY important step… with the PIXMA 560, you had to manually input the password on the printer using the trackwheel. So don;t assume the instructions for the PIXMA 640 are any better.

I did a google search for 'can't get a PIXMA XXX to install connect' and up came the info on dozens of sites. You can often find install tutorials on Youtube too. After that, it was no worries and has been a bloody good and fairly cheap to run printer.

THis video says you must connect via USB before you try and set up WiFi on a PIXMA 640

If you don't fancy getting a new printer, try a Belkin Network USB hub. Works very well for me, automatic connect/disconnect when printing and useful for having a few external hard drives attached to as well. Currently in use by 3 people with no problems.

Linky thing
We've got a Canon MG5250, install was a tad fiddly, but I followed the instructions to the letter and it works a dream with Windoze and Linux (albeit having to download and manually install drivers for Linux).
I use the ESP 7250 All-in-One Printer Kodak .

It's wifi and I generally use it to print from my note book and iPhone

Its a little on the large side but good all round and the ink cartridges are quite cheap to buy
Does your home hub and the printer offer the WPS setup option? if you can use these setting up should be a breeze!

Wi-Fi Protected Setup - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you dont have it on the Current Canon it may be a feature to look for in the new printer if you replace it.
I have a budget HP scanner/printer/copier and for £39 it also had WPS setup, which worked straight away with my Belkin router.
My Belkin router also supports directly connecting a printer/disk drive via USB, which may be another option, it would still be network connected and available to all users.
HP Photosmart - it's the only printer we've had (the previous ones were USB networked via the wifi router) that my wife has never had a problem printing with from her laptop. Does what it would say on the can if it were delivered in one.

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