Viable IED found in Bangor Co Down.

Glad to see Felix sorted it with no cas.

Security Alert, Chatsworth, Bangor | Police Service of Northern Ireland

Detectives are appealing for information after a viable device was discovered in the Chatsworth area of Bangor on Wednesday 4 August.
At approximately 7:50am, police received a call from the member of the public in the Chatsworth area of Bangor reporting that there was a suspicious object in the driveway of their home.
Police attended the scene and Army Technical Officers were tasked. A controlled explosion was carried out. It was then confirmed that this was a viable device.
Speaking at a press conference at Bangor police station, C District Commander Chief Superintendent Nigel Grimshaw said: “The investigation is at an early stage however it seems to bear the hallmarks of an undercar booby trap type device. One of our lines of inquiry is that this device was attached to the vehicle and has subsequently fallen off. A device like this is only designed for one purpose and that is to kill or seriously injure and we are very fortunate that today we are not looking at a fatality or someone with very serious injuries.
"This has to be condemned outright. Clearly this is another attack on the community in Bangor and we have seen other attacks in other parts of Northern Ireland. This was a member of the community who was getting up to do their day’s work. Those behind this attack have callously put families at risk of death or serious injury and they must be condemned.
"I would appeal to the community to work with us to ensure we prevent and deter these things from happening again and that we catch the people who are doing this. The investigation will be thorough, it will be robust and we will take every opportunity we can to ensure those responsible for this attack are brought to justice but we need people to work with us, to bring forward the information.
“This is a quiet residential area of Bangor. There is only one main road into it so I would appeal to members of the public that if they have noticed anything suspicious, particularly over the last 24 hours, people or vehicles they are not familiar with to come forward and contact police locally in Bangor or at the incident room in Belfast."

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