VHS Video to DVD disc thingy conversion?

I'm in need of advice from the Arrse Community.

I have old VHS cassettes that I'm afraid to play often because of stretch, age etc (yes, me and the tapes). If I lose/break them, I'll lose a lot of important film of family members who've passed on.

No point doing VHS to VHS copies as most of the family don't use video these days.

I have a Video player and also a VHS Camcorder (I know, I know!!!) which I can use as the source - will need to get cables with USB at one end I'd imagine (Maplins??) - in theory I can transfer to my Compaq Presario C500 laptop.

That's the theory anyway, I'm using Vista Home premium and have Roxio.

Is it possible? I'm a PC biff to be honest and looking to Arrse members for pointers.


Polar 69 and Theiftaker

Thanks for the replies.

Will look into that :D

I wasn't sure if that was the thing to do, nor if my laptop could "really" do it.


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