Hi all.

I've done a search on here regarding a VHS to DVD transfer question I asked yonks ago.

I was given good advice then and as I'm about to finally get around to doing the transfer I thought I'd use that thread rather than start a new one.

I can't find the thread so here goes;

I was looking at those video grab set ups available now (£29 - £40ish) and might give them a go. My laptop can't read/recognise analogue VHS machine nor camera so I'm hoping this will sort that out.

Before I go out and buy one, have any of you used them.

Bring back the old days when you could tape VHS to VHS by linking two machines together.

Hmmm, just a thought, has anyone tried using S-video cables etc and copying from VHS to recordable DVD player? Would that work? (Sounds too easy).

Thanks in advance.

If your VHS player has an S-cable output and your DVR has an S-cable input, it may be possible. Alternatively, you could just buy a new DVR with a VCR built in. Panasonic makes a few models and I'm sure there are others. Pop in the video tape you want to copy then pop in a blank DVD disk. Hit "record/transfer" VHS to DVD and Bob's your uncle. Nothing could be easier.

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