Between my two careers army and justice (including a spell in the FCO) in total 35 years continuous service....I have been vetted PV, SC,CTC, DV etc, I retired in January this year and through an agency have applied to work for the local far it has taken 2 months to undertake police question is why.....I am vetted already I can understand a quick PNC......but to do it there a way around this boll*cks...cheers :roll:


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Get in touch with DVA direct - have all your old details ready and presto!!! I had to do that when I left the Army and joined a defence related job.
Plod likes to check it all themselves - even when going for internal vacancies within the force, you are checked again - it's a right pain in the arriss for them (and for us Managed Service Providers supporting them - temp staff are a no no for sick cover etc)
Thanks guys and how much does this cost Mr Plod.......

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