Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by slab, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Sorry mate - I think you're b*ggered. The best spin you can put on your SF membership is that you were extremely immature at the time - work backwards from that and it only gets worse. Think of it from HMGs POV - should they take the risk in trusting you with classified info and ops - probably not if you're honest with yourself.

    Don't think you'll have that much joy south of the border either. Vetting for Gardai SB and IDF related work is very strict and shinners are just as much the enemy there too.

    If it's any comfort, being "cleared" is no big deal - theres more to life than having to sit in front of some old ex-copper vetting officer having to confess your drinking habits and sexual preferences - you can do that from the comfort of your own room on AARSE!!
  2. yeah. top tip - cut down on how long your vetting review takes by skipping their cunning intermediate steps. just cut to what they really want to know and simply answer the following:

    "do you own a computer?"

    "yes, i do look at porn on the internet. no, it's nothing involving animals, and no i'm not a subscriber to"

    "is there much to do on this camp then?"

    "no, none of the women i've shagged in the last 5 years have been married."

    "do you go out much?"

    "no, i don't drink a bottle of whisky as soon as i wake up."

    "so, how's the overdraft?"

    "no, i haven't got myself in hock to a local loan shark for the brand new Audi A4 you see parked outside."