Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Irongron, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Heya fellas!

    I'm currently a student at university and I was looking at becoming an Int Corps soldier as I'm really interested in intelligence work.

    I've got some worries about the vetting though. I went for a job at the MoD some years ago, got a provisional offer but failed the security vetting after one month into the process. They couldn't tell me the reason why which is fair enough as it might reveal their methods.

    I have British-Irish dual nationality and my accent is very half and half. I have lived in the UK since 1987, having been born Irish. My parents are of UK, Irish or Commonwealth origin. At the time of applying to the MoD, I wasn't a British citizen so that may have been the reason why they couldn't give me clearance.

    However, I studied in the Republic of Ireland and one fairly recent year [after the Good Friday Agreement] I joined every single Irish political party you could think of as I was studying Politics at the time. I did it to look at which party I was interested in. However Sinn Fein was among one of the parties I joined, as well as the Green, Labour and Centre-Right and Centre-Left parties. In the end I never EVER went to any Shinner meeting, or took part in any political campaign of theirs. I received emails from then but, to be honest, i didn't even read them. I'm happy to be honest about this in the process [although i neglected to mention this when applying to the MoD], and the fact that I really did very little at university except drink and score girls.

    My worry is, despite being honest, would I still be fcuked? I am proud of my Irishness but also very aware that Sinn Fein are a bunch of murderers and bootleggers as do most people in Ireland.

    And then's my student loan - i missed some payments but they're cleared now. I got out another one but the repayments aren't due for awhile. And i've no credit cards, so whenever i try and get one its nearly always rejected! will the financial check show this?

    Lads, and ladies, sorry for going on a bit, but all i really want to know is am i fcuked?
  2. You joined Sinn Fein, lied about it, and you even have to ask if you're facked??!? :lol:
  3. You need to establish some basic credentials before you are going to get anywhere in life, never mind the army.

    You will need to provide at least 5 years of checkable references, and no the Brits can not get access to any records in Dublin Castle. This includes basic proof of residence.

    I would strongly suggest you try and join the UOTC firs. This is going to give you some idea what it is going to be like to enlist as a regular, it will let you have a look at service life and may provide the services to have a look at you.

    It may also allow you to point to a service officer from your UOTC who could act as a referee downstream. You might even need to join another part of the army first, then apply for a transfer. This may still be problematical.

    You are not going to be able to rush into this.

    If you think Intelligence is your bag < you may not be in the best position to decide just now,> then you could try thr Garda or PSNI and apply for Special Branch after some time in Uniform. You could have applied to NCIS but the move to SOCA means you will need to provide a minimum again of 5 years checkable references.

    You could always go back and try the shinners, there's an address in Bunbeg Pk, BT 12 where they used to do a lot of Intelligence work :wink:
  4. proper fcuked :D
  5. if you've got a genuine interest in Int & Sy try the west belfast nutting squad?
  6. Depending where you're from, the Muirhevnamor Estate in Dundalk might be a good place to try, as well.

    As Sub says, you look pretty much scootered at the moment. If you're sure you want to try the service of horrible old John Bull and wrap yourself in the butcher's apron, the UOTC is a really good starting point - or, failing that, take a look at the TA locally to you.

    Longer term, the options for intelligence are as the Great and Wise Sub notes - although bear in mind that both PSNI and An Garda Siochana have restructured their Branches and the new Crime and Security setups in the 6 and 26 Counties are very different to the precursor organisations. National agencies are likely to fall outside your vetting comfort zone at the moment.
  7. OOOOOOOOOOPS.........

    Phonetic on <chocy ahr lahr> phonetic off.....

    Thats why your ferked!
  8. you got no fecking hope. find another vocation. bye
  9. The RLC will have you.
  10. or the RA....apparently they take the RLC rejects at RMAS these days
  11. There you go then....spoilt for choice!
  12. is it not a sign of the times that we have welcomed onto the forum a self-confessed sinn fein member, presumed they are making a genuine innocent enquiry, given them useful career advice and not subjected them to any abuse?

    but yeah, Irongron... you're f*cked :)
  13. If you already knew Sinn Fein were a bunch of murderers and bootleggers why would you be interested in them and bother joining in the first place? Get to f**k you terrorist sympathising loser!
  14. Catch yerself on!!!
  15. Irongron you are not the type of chap we want. I know many great Irish guys from both sides of the border but you anger me. I hope that you fail RCB or the CIO tests. Sinn Fein is incompatable with service in our proud forces. Your confused and have no grasp of soldiers or our spirit or sense of belonging. Try FAS on a welding course for loosers in Ballymun.