Vetting Query

I'm hoping to put RMP as my first career choice (I've heard all the jokes, been told no one will like me etc etc but it's the career I want so please no negative or sarcastic comments!)

I just wondered if anyone else has had a delayed response? My vetting form was sent off 4 weeks ago now and even my recruiting Sgt said they don't normally take that long!!!

I did get a caution as a juvenile in 1997 for theft but have since been in no trouble whatsoever and in fact have worked for 2 years for 2 UK police forces.

I have been out of the country for 11 months within the last 5 years (traveling Australia & New Zealand) so maybe that would would have an effect??

Will someone please put my mind at rest as I didn't sleep a wink last night!!


Relax, vetting can take a while, the older you are the longer it takes as they have more to go through. I had a PV(S) done in 1995 when I was 19 and that still took 4 weeks, in 1998 I was vetted by the TA and that took 3 months even though the PV (S) was still valid.

Another thing you need to bear in mind is that it's summer hols so the Defence Vetting Agency (or whatever it calls itself now) will have staff taking annual leave, so there may just be less staff around to do the job.
Hi Linzey,

As stated previously there really isn't a lot you can do at the moment. The RMP are fast promoting but you should look into the Int Corps as an alternative.

The role of an Op MI hands down beats all other trades.
What was the natures of the theft offence? I had a positive vetting that took months to come back and was held up due to a numbe rof juvenile cautions the records of which they couldn't bloody find. I assume it was just a minor matter however theft covers a multitude of sins.
phew - well I am 30 (a little older than your average recruit I guess) and have travelled about a bit so that, coupled with it being holiday season is hopefully the reason it's delayed!!!

TheSporting1st - hmmm yes it does cover a multitude of sins. Way too ashamed of mine to go into details on here though!

gerbertoyd - Op MI is my second choice :) got a really good eye for detail so was interested in IMINT :)

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