Vetting issues

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Bushy, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Wonder if anyone has info that could help me. Currently I am stuck in vetting limbo as my security clearance forms have been off with the vetting agency for nearly five months now and as my start date for basic is coming up soon I am getting somewhat concerned as I will be finishing work soon. As I am applying for (and actually got accepted to pending security clearance) the intelligence corp I fully understand that it will take a bit longer for everything to be checked out but surely five months is taking the michael fish somewhat. Have already called my recruiter and asked him to chase it up for me but am not exactly confident of thinbgs been sorted as the people involved in the vetting procedure seem to be a set of utter planks. Any advice welcome as I am provisionally slated for basic on nov 14th but its increasingly looking likely that that date might be missed :(
  2. hold out mate...same sorta thing happend with recruiter pulled it outa the bag for me at the last minute tho...
    as long as your recruiter likes you it should be ok...

    good luck when you do get into training mate...
  3. hmmm

    i hope mines cleared ok

    i'm due to start in november aswell :/
  4. When did you pass the int corps selection?
  5. god a while ago, around august 22nd or so. Hopefully the recruiter will pull it out the bag!
  6. hey im going for special opperator in sigs, and my forms are getting checked just now, what do they actually check? to make sure your not related to bin laden etc!
  7. well most of the family are from Bradford ..... oh bugger