Vetting - CTC Trumps DV?!


As a proud (?) holder of DV for several years, a public body (blue lights) are now demanding I complete the CTC paperwork and submit for separate vetting because 'this one is for CT'.

Working on the same bit of work are other holders of DV and SC who are all being ordered to submit for separate vetting - not only does re-vetting everyone cost tax payer money, it's a complete pain in the arrse for all involed.

Does anyone have approx costs for CTC that I can use to bat these idiots away with?

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If you are dealing with another department of state you are on a hiding to nothing.

If you want the work, than you have to fill out the form.

There was supposed to be a Cabinet Office review of vetting some years ago, it was kicked in to the long grass IIRC.

The irony is that a number of OGD sub-contract work back out to DVA York.

Remember: Security must make sense !
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