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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by colton, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi, can someone please confirm the level of vetting that must be attained for entry into the army?

    I recently applied for the RN as AET, passed my psychometric tests and was invited for a 1on1 at the AFCO. During the interview I was informed that all RN personel are required to pass "SC" level clearance, which includes a credit check and review of personal finances.
    Unfortunatley, due to going back to study/working part time my finances arnt great and have been advised to clear my debt before going any further with the application.

    As you can imagine, Im gutted. We're not talking a huge amount, but enough that it would take me maybe 18 months to clear it up and then (from chatting to some professionals in the field) another 5-7 years before my credit file goes back to normal. If thats the case then unfortunatley the RN is beyond my reach at present.

    I would be more than able to meet all my current outgoings on an entry level salary, its more the "faux" CCJ than the level of debt that is holding me back.

    I had a chat with a friend who is currently on leave from the army and he told me that the army only requires a "CTC" check which Im sure I'd pass.

    If the Army required a CTC with no credit check, and I withdrew my RN application, does anyone know if -

    There is a period Id have to wait before applying for the army.
    I would have to declare my RN application if/when applying for army, and what effects this might have. (From memory the form asks if you have ever applied to join the armed forces, and requires a date of discharge/rejection, but as Ive not been rejected as such Im unsure)
    If a change between forces is allowed, even at such an early stage.

    I can appreciate that what Im asking might look quite bad, maybe it shows a lack of commitment but if Im honest myself I think maybe I chose a career in the RN without properly exploring what the other forces had to offer and which best suited my circumstances. As it turns out the army offer a selection of careers Id be very interested in finding out more about within the electroics/engineering field. So maybe im not so crazy?

    Im sure many are going to tell me to contact my careers advisor and ask him what to do, but I thought it best to get some (hopefully) reliable information from here before I contact him, Id like to have made a clear descision on my intentions before ringing him, he doesnt strike me as the type who would want to get involved in something as trivial as an undescisive applicant :p

    Can anyone advise?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. It depends on what corps or regiment you plan on joining.

    CTC is good for the like of Inf/RA... whereas to join the likes of the signals/REME (which are the engineering electronics corps') you definately need SC and as you move through your career depending on jobs maybe even DV (Developed Vetting). Which is a long drawn out process but allegedly explores your life very deep.

    Hope this helps, your careers office maybe the best point of contact though

    Edited to add, dont worry about what your careers officer might say, joining the forces is a massive step and you need to have all the information laid out in front of you. there is no point joining the navy and getting out 3 years down the line because you didnt actually like boats.
  3. Another one:

    Dont worry too much about debt for your SC, who told you to clear your debt?

    As long as the debt is being paid off and is in control then it should be fine for SC.

    I've got a shed load of debt and they DV'd me!
  4. My "careers advisor" told me that I cant go forward with the application until the debt, and my credit record is clear.

    When I first contacted the AFCO I was open and honest about the levels of debt and was advised that the only barrier from entry would be if I was an undischarged bankrupt, which Im not. Im just a guy with some bills that are behind and one earnings arrestment (which according to the careers officer counts as a CCJ in the eyes of the RN) but is not a CCJ or even a court procedure in the eyes of the law. Having previously worked in insolvency I tried to explain to him that an attachment to wages was not a CCJ, but still the only advice he could give me was to go away, clear my debt, clear my credit record and come back when thats done.

    I wasnt in a position to argue with the man, he told me that the levels of my debt were unnaceptable for entry into the RN and I had to accept that. He was not prepared to let me apply for SC, which is understandable considering it would be money and time wasted.
  5. Ah, well thats where my knowledge on the subject ends, sorry.

    I would imagine though that all engineering/electronics careers in all 3 forces will require at least SC because of the nature of the equipment that we handle.

    I suppose its upto you what you do from now. You can join in a non-SC required trade and try to re-trade later on in your career or you can pay your debts off and come back in 18 months or so. Personally I would wait the 18 months and try again then because its a pain in the arrse to re-trade once your in. But if your personal circumstances require that your join up ASAP then I would get in quickly but its really upto you.

    If your wage attachment isnt a CCJ (I dont really have a clue about financial stuff by the way) then surely you should be able to provide proof of this and show your AFCO. If it comes to it go to a different AFCO, its like doctors, sometimes you need a second opinion.

    Remember its not your AFCO who conducts the vetting, its the DVA (Defence Vetting Agency) in York. Your AFCO might be like me, and he doesnt really know about the financial stuff so he may just be guessing that your SC will be declined and he doesnt want to take the risk. He shouldnt be pre-vetting you, its up to the DVA.
  6. Years ago i was PV'd and they went to extreme lengths with their background checks, but, i don't think they included credit checks. Is this a recent development?
  7. Tell them the truth and it should be ok.

    I know a chap (now out and doing well for himself in Afgan) witha German wife who is as good as Broon balancing the books, he was well into 5 figure debt but could explain it all. (Boxhead-bitch of a wife wibble). Then still serving and still remained DV'd working with interesting stuff.

    Mind was 8 years ago ?
  8. I can assure you that the modern equivalent of a PV. the DV, most certainly includes a credit check and a form that you have to list all your assets & debts on. They will then question you on it at interview, and if your answers don't tally with the information that they have on you from their background checks before they arrived for the interview you are in schtuk!

    A blemished past with finance does not disbar you from an SC, nor even a DV, but DVA will want to know. You are not normally interviewed for an SC, all the checks are done by DVA without recourse to you, however, if they are unhappy with something like finances then they will send you the FQ (financial questionaire).

    What levels of debt are we talking about here? 50K +? 25k+? It's all subjective and it will depend on a number of issues. You are not looking for a DV at present and I am suprised at the attitude of the recruiter. However, if his brief is that anyone with X amount of debt is unacceptable, then you are unlikely to change his mind.

    Have a look at this site, it should give you most of the answers that you want.

    One last point though. Remember that it is a different story, to a certain extent, SC or DV'ing someone who is looking to join, than doing the same to someone that is already in and doing the job. The MOD has already paid for their training, so they don't want to lose an asset, so you are more likely to get through with some risk management. If you aren't in yet, then it's easier to say "No".
  9. Im not sure if my input is relevant as its from a TA point of view, however ill continue and if its misplaced i apologise in advance :)

    I recently joined the Royal Signals(v) and was told the vetting i would be subject to, was higher than inf, the questionnaire i completed was quite large and did include details on debt etc. I was a bit worried as i still suffer from some stupid mistakes i made with credit when i was younger, however it all went well and had no communication from the people that process the forms.
  10. Thanks for the info so far guys, its been a real help.

    Im not 100% certain on my levels of debt but Id estimate £8-10k, so not a huge amount but obviously the recruiter saw it as a problem. Ive ordered a credit report from experian so hopefully will get a better idea of the full amounts I owe and start doing something about it.

    Currently I work 3 nights a week (30 hours), so I might start looking for an addiotional civvy job and work at that for the next 1.5-2 years using the money to clear debts and working on improving my overall heath and fitness some more.
    Hopefully by then SC wont be a problem. I think that would be better than going for a job with the RA and asking to re-trade after a couple of years.

    Again I ask can someone please take a stab at the questions I asked in the origional post,

    Also, just how difficult is it to re-trade when you have entered? Im guessing its not something they are very happy about doing considering the time and money spent training for the original job?

    Again, thanks for the responses so far.
  11. Also, just how difficult is it to re-trade when you have entered? Im guessing its not something they are very happy about doing considering the time and money spent training for the original job?

    Again, thanks for the responses so far.[/quote]

    Not 100% but I dont think there is any waiting period, you havent actually joined the RN yet so there should be no problem with cancelling your app and then walking next door to the Army desk, but you would have to tell them about your app to the RN, this wont be a problem just tell them the truth, that you changed your mind.

    Re-trading is a pain in the arrse once your in, especially if you have to do colour service after training, which is effectively commiting yourself to that cap badge for an X amount of time. Most time bars affect technical trades though so if you join the RA for example as a gunner it shouldnt be too much of a bother re-trading. But i would suggest the best option is always joining as the trade you intend to be.

    Unless you want to be a helicopter pilot or a PTI because only serving soldiers get to apply for that, oh and FAC/JTACs but that list probably goes on forever.